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Wooden design tables

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NordicStory "Raund" round solid oak dining table
From €570,00 - €630,00
NordicStory Extending dining table in solid oak MOBY
from €720,00 - €920,00
NordicStory Carmen extending dining table in solid oak wood
From €720 ,00 - €840, 00
NordicStory "Harold" solid oak dining table 170 x 90 x 75 cm.
From €680,00 - €690,00
NordicStory Extending dining table in solid oak "Harold".
from €740,00 - €790,00
NordicStory Holger round extendable dining table in solid oak
From €1 .100,00 - €1 .250,00

Wooden design tables in solid oak wood: 

Our exclusive collection of solid oak designer tables perfectly combines the natural beauty of wood with exceptional functionality. Each table is manufactured using the highest quality solid oak wood and treated with environmentally friendly tung oil to enhance its durability and natural splendor.

Reasons to choose our design tables:

Quality and Durability:

NordicStory Designer tables are constructed from solid oak, ensuring strength and durability over time. Designed for everyday use, these tables can withstand wear and tear without compromising their impeccable appearance.

Natural and Sophisticated Aesthetics:

The unique beauty of solid oak wood is highlighted in each of our tables. The natural wood grains and tones add a touch of sophistication and warmth to any space. Each table is a masterpiece of design and nature.

Sustainability and Environmental Respect:

By opting for our solid wood design tables, you are choosing an environmentally friendly option. We use wood from responsible forest management sources, thus contributing to the conservation of natural resources.

Find the Perfect Design Table for You:

Explore our wide range of solid oak wood tables oak tables and choose the one that best suits your needs and style. Whether for your dining room, living room or entertainment space, our tables will add a touch of elegance and lasting functionality. 

Types of dining tables:

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