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Small wooden tables

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NordicStory Round extendable dining table in solid oak "Escandi 3" 100-130 x 100 x 75 cm.
From €560.00 - €620.00
NordicStory Round extendable dining table in solid oak "Escandi 6" 93-123 x 93 x 75 cm.
NordicStory Solid oak round dining table "Escandi 3" 100 x 100 x 75 cm.
from €480,00 - €490,00
NordicStory Extending dining table in solid oak "Mini 2" 90-130 x 65 x 77 (75) cm.
From €470,00 - €520,00
NordicStory Lemsiwood solid oak dining table 90 x 90 x 75 cm / 90 x 65 x 75 cm.
from €260,00 - €295,00
NordicStory Extending dining table in solid oak "Mini 1" 110-170 x 65 x 77 (75) cm.
from €480,00 - €490,00

Small solid wood tables

Small size solid oak tables are perfect for smaller spaces or more intimate dining areas, seating up to 4 guests. These tables are made from high quality solid oak wood and feature durability and natural beauty. 

Why choose small solid wood tables?

Opting for small solid wood tables offers numerous advantages and benefits. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider this option:                  

Style and elegance: Small solid wood tables bring a touch of style and elegance to any space. The beauty and variety of wood tones and grains enhance your dining room decor, creating a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere.

Durability and resistance: Solid wood stands out for its long life and ability to stand the test of time. These tables are built with solid wood, which makes them able to withstand daily use without deteriorating easily. They are a sturdy and reliable option that will accompany you over time. IWe include a free care kit so that you can keep them in optimal conditions at no additional cost.

Possibility of restoration: Mese solid wood have the ability to be restored and renewed in the event of damage or wear over time, allowing them to last over the years and adapt to changes in decor.

Types of dining tables:

Fixed wooden tables - Extendable wooden tables - Large wooden tables - Medium wooden tables - Small wooden tables - Wooden design tables - Rustic style wooden tables - Provencal style wooden tables - Wooden tables modern style - Nordic style wooden tables - Wooden tables Scandinavian style - Wooden tables Scandinavian style - Round wooden tables - Square wooden tables - Rectangular wooden tables - Oval wooden tables - Tables for 2 people - Tables for 4 people - Tables for 6 guests - Tables for 8 guests - Tables for 10 guests - Tables for 12 people

Versatility and adaptability: Small solid wood tables are highly versatile and adapt to different configurations and decorating styles. You can use them in dining rooms, kitchens, workspaces or even as side tables in other areas of your home.

Connection to nature: The presence of solid wood in your home provides a sense of connection to nature. This organic material adds warmth and authenticity to the environment, creating a cozy and harmonious space.

Sustainability: By opting for solid wood tables from sustainable sources, you are contributing to the preservation of the environment. FSC-certified woods ensure that they come from responsibly managed forests, which helps maintain ecological balance.

If you are looking for a small wooden table and don't know which one to choose, contact us. We have solid wood tables in our specialized section. in our specialized section, find the ideal one for you!

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