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Set of table and 4 chairs

Real wood
Easy assembly
Wood care kit with all tables
Home delivery in mainland Spain
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NordicStory Set Escandi solid wood table and 4 chairs Diana
NordicStory Set Escandi solid wood table and 4 Paola chairs


Why opt for a set of a dining table and four wooden chairs?

The versatility of a dining table and 4 wooden chairs set goes beyond its primary function. Designed to suit different spaces and needs, these sets offer a variety of styles and materials to customize your choice and create the perfect ambiance in your home.

The essentials when looking for your dining table and 4 dining chairs set:

Guaranteed durability: Ensure the durability of your set, highlighting the robustness of solid wood, preferably from sustainable sources, with an eco-oil finish for a conscious and environmentally friendly long-term investment.

Enduring Style: Opt for a timeless design that adapts to your tastes over time. Also, consider the practicality of an extendable dining table to intelligently optimize your space. Dining chairs perfectly complement this versatile ensemble, ensuring visual harmony and optimal functionality. 

Harmonious Combination: Solid oak chairs not only provide ergonomic comfort, but also blend harmoniously with the tone of the table. This combination is not only visually appealing, but highlights the thoughtfulness and cohesiveness in your furniture choice, adding a distinctive and lasting touch to your space.

Easy to combine: An additional advantage is the option of comparing tables and dining tables and chairs in the same oak wood tone. This not only ensures aesthetic consistency, but also highlights the natural beauty of the wood, providing a harmonious and refined ensemble for your space.

Choosing the right dining table and 4 wood chairs set can completely transform your space. Consider functionality, style and lasting quality when making your decision. Discover the perfect combination to make your home exceptional, available at Roble.Store.

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