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Solid wood shoe rack

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NordicStory Solid oak shoe rack "Arizona" 70 x 23 x 89 cm.
from €480,00 - €490,00
NordicStory Solid oak shoe rack "Escandi" 65 x 31 x 147 cm.
From €720,00 - €730,00
NordicStory Shoe rack Solid oak bench "Litet" 81 x 40 x 45 cm.
From €320,00 - €330,00

Solid wood shoe rack cabinet

A solid oak shoe rack is the ideal solution to meet your storage and decoration needs. The solid wood furniture not only offers functionality to keep your shoes tidy, but also provides timeless aesthetics and unparalleled durability that will ensure years of use.

Oak wood shoe rack:

Style and Elegance: The natural beauty of solid wood adds a touch of style and elegance to any space. An oak shoe rack features a timeless aesthetic that will perfectly complement your home decor, whether you have a modern, rustic or Nordic style.

Functionality and Order: This furniture is specifically designed to organize your footwear efficiently. With adjustable shelves, drawers and compartments, a solid wood shoe rack allows you to keep your shoes tidy and easily accessible at all times, making it easy to select the right shoes for every occasion.

Design Versatility: Solid wood shoe racks come in a wide variety of designs, sizes and finishes to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a narrow shoe rack for small spaces or a wider shoe rack for a large collection, you'll find options to fit your lifestyle and available space. We have shoe rack-bench, a versatile option for small spaces.

Assembled furniture: Our solid oak shoe racks come assembled, allowing you to save time and enjoy the piece of furniture right out of the box. At Roble.Store, we prioritize your comfort so you can enjoy quality without complications.

Environmental awareness: By choosing a solid wood shoe rack, you are opting for a piece of furniture made from a renewable and sustainable material. Solid wood comes from responsible forest management sources, which contributes to the preservation of natural resources and care for the environment.

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