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Dining table for 12 people

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NordicStory Holger round extendable dining table in solid oak
From €1 .200,00 - €1.350,00
NordicStory Extending dining table in solid oak "XL" 160-280 x 90 x 75 cm.
From €1 .030,00 - €1.080,00
NordicStory Rustic extending dining table in solid oak "Provance".
NordicStory Dining table in solid oak "Mauritz 3" 200/220 x 100 x 75 cm.
From €820 ,00 - €850,00

Tables for 12 people

Explore our collection of wooden tables designed for 12 people at Roble.Store. Crafted from sustainable oak and finished with eco-oil, they fuse natural beauty with environmental responsibility.

Reasons to choose our NordicStory wooden tables for 12 people:

Authentic style and quality: Solid wood 12-seater tables from NordicStory, crafted from sustainable oak, highlight the genuineness of the wood. Sustainable commitment: At Roble.Store, we feature 12-person tables made from solid oak from sustainable sources (FSC certified) and responsible forestry.

Versatile designs: We offer a variety of sustainable oak 12-person table designs to suit your style. Functionality and practicality: In addition, some NordicStory extendable tables provide flexibility to fit your space needs.

Durable restoration: NordicStory solid wood tables are restorable, allowing for sanding and oil reapplication over time. Discover the perfect combination of style and functionality with our NordicStory 12-person wood tables. Beautify your home and support environmentally friendly practices.

Extendable dining table for 12 people

Opt for practicality and elegance with our extendable dining tables for 12 people. Adaptable and sophisticated, they are the perfect choice for your meetings. Discover them now.

Types of dining tables:

Fixed wooden tables - Extendable wooden tables - Large wooden tables - Medium wooden tables - Small wooden tables - Wooden design tables - Rustic style wooden tables - Provencal style wooden tables - Wooden tables modern style - Nordic style wooden tables - Wooden tables Scandinavian style - Wooden tables Scandinavian style - Round wooden tables - Square wooden tables - Rectangular wooden tables - Oval wooden tables - Tables for 2 people - Tables for 4 people - Tables for 6 guests - Tables for 8 guests - Tables for 10 guests - Tables for 12 people

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