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Effects of natural furniture on our own biochemistry

Dinara shangerey

Posted on Jul 30 2021

Mesa de madera maciza de roble al estilo escandinavo



There are scientific studies that corroborate positive effects on our biology of the human body we are vibrational beings. So far all in agreement?

We are a sounding board that acts in accordance with our mind and body, obviously if we maintain healthy habits we will have a longer and fuller life.


How does natural furniture affect us?


The answer is the Serotonin, is an important chemical and neurotransmitter in the human body.

Being in symbiosis with nature increases the likely to secrete even more serotonin than our body can unconsciously supply. Helps regulate mood, social behavior, appetite, digestion, sleep, memory, desire and reproduction. There may be a link between serotonin and depression.


Feel at ease, surrounded by solid oak wood cabinet - Nordic Collection  or from other of our many collections, made of authentic 100% natural solid wood.

It increases the quality of life in general, if we have a good mood, we respect the hours of rest, we spend good times with our loved ones, we will totally disconnect from the outside world. And we will accumulate positive energy, enjoying an ecological and home environment. 

The houses designed in our style, everything is important, the smell of tung oil and interior colors and decoration with solid oak furniture. 

This helps us maintain balance, tranquility, calm and inner peace. 

When choosing the types of wood it is necessary to know well and distinguish the differences between oak and pine furniture. 

Both options offer pros and cons. The decision often comes down to your priorities and preferences. It all depends on the taste of each one and the investment they want to make.

In any case, the environment, good energy and a lot of quality in the environment are very important.

As they say: "The theater begins with the hanger", for the entrance of our house, we can count on NordicStory Solid Oak Wood Wall Coat Rack "Litet" y "Arizona", likewise complete with a floating solid oak sideboard sideboard "Sven", now we have in NordicStory  new dimensions, where are indicated on our Roble.Store website in the section of Solid oak wood benches, shoe racks, coat racks. 


Sven solid oak floating wood sideboard console


One of the first home furnishings, in this same section there are some good tips to follow. As you go to the living room you can complete with the umultimedia units, the coffee tablesthe showcases.

NordicStory Elsa LUX Oak Solid Wood Glass Display Cabinet



In the dining area it can be complemented with extendable solid oak wood tables, also with the  rectangular dining tables.. It is necessary to highlight the sOak trees and benches. Store  which are precisely to sit down a very comfortable one, toast and enjoy food with your loved ones.


NordicStory XL Solid Oak Wood Extendable Dining Table



It is quite clear that the step to a more ecological world and aware of everything that surrounds us, is being implemented in our system of things, the abuse of biofuels, not encouraging recycling and all the low vibration that we live in today makes us increase negative feelings and psychological pathologies.

The world is changing and its pace is increasing, we must take the step to reality.

Our home is a potential source of positive energy, next to the corners of nature. 

Surround your corner with the authentic solid wood furniture from Oak.Store


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