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Enjoy the summer gatherings in the Nordic style

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Posted on Aug 07 2021

Mesa de comedor de roble


This season makes its presence felt with frequent bright sunshine during the day and a long, prolonged twilight that is best enjoyed with family and friends forever. The key to enjoying this summer is simplicity: the beach, mini getaways, outdoor barbecues, hiking through the mountains, that is, connecting with nature to meet your wishes to make your home more cozy in the Nordic style, taking advantage of your summer free time. 

Nordic style furniture combines comfort, ergonomics and aesthetics. Its functionality is essential. The furniture is elegant and understated, without unnecessary frills. To create this style in your home, we prioritize the solid oak furniture natural and bleached. Surround yourself with your loved ones during dinners in our extendable dining tables


Extendable dining table in solid oak Moby
Extendable dining table in solid oak Moby

 Moby it is a round and extendable table  with crossed legs in solid oak.

If you have chosen to decorate your kitchen, your living room, your dining room, your favorite corner with the collection Scandi NordicStory, you will have to give extra care to the dining area, a space that tends to become the centerpiece of the home. This is due to the need to deal with the tung oil oak wood finishes so you can enjoy much longer. The dining area becomes the family gathering space, gathering with your friends, as well as an informal dining room.


Do not neglect the possibility of using chairs y benches in different styles of authentic oak to create a casual dining room with a pronounced Scandinavian style in the kitchen. The effect will be surprising and very original.


Manchester Dining Chairs 4 Pack


Manchester Dining Chairs 4 Pack Nordic design, which give your home the elegance, comfort and stability of Scandinavian design. With a seat upholstered in fabric and with a high backrest that, as it lacks armrests, offers greater freedom of movement. A perfect combination of design and comfort to your body and it adapts to your living room, dining room, office. Our chairs Oak.Store They are made of resistant material with non-slip and anti-scratch studs without damaging the floor of your home. 


Escandi solid oak wood bench


Our benches reflect a trend in the Scandinavian or Nordic style. The design is the perfect combination of utility, quality and functionality. Combines brilliantly with Harold solid oak extendable dining table

The Roble.Store's main inspiration is to create objects and furniture for meet people's needs. Simplifying the forms to focus on functionality and uses. The Scandinavian style. Nordic will be inspired by this trend to imagine functional and beautiful furniture, but will also draw their ideas from nature, hence the use of authentic oak wood materials. Over the years, the Scandinavian style has been widely democratized and is combined together with the Japanese and Scandinavian style Japandi. 

Kaira Solid Oak Wood TV Cabinet


The great robustness of the Kaira solid oak wood TV cabinet  thanks to its space with two behaviors to place your favorite belongings, some peculiar figurine details, some interesting books, some small vases, on top of the shelf you can place your TV on its surface and store all your multimedia equipment to enjoy the vision of a beautiful movie with your family, with your children, with your friends, with your people. 

 Kreuz Solid Oak Wood Round Dining Table


Our Kreuz solid oak wood round dining table  is a functional and resistant round dining table, stands out for its simple shapes, with star legs, ideal for modern dining rooms. Enjoy Nordic design with this essential piece from Oak.Store. 

Ergonomics, comfort and utility of objects are ubiquitous concepts in Scandinavian design. Therefore, we offer you our furniture in the Nordic style that is characterized by an authentic look with the use of natural materials of solid oak, natural oak and bleached oak colors, which will make your home very pleasant. 


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