Colors for interiors 2021 for walls and decoration with our furniture.
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Interior colors 2021 for walls and decoration with our solid oak furniture

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on May 17 2021

NordicStory Solid wood oak furniture

This post we are going to dedicate to this year's color trends, we will talk about the most outstanding ones and what decoration to choose to make your home perfect for you and your family.  

Colors are one of the most effective ways to add dynamism and personality to spaces, either by including them one by one or combined with two or three and more shades. Therefore we present you the color combinations for interiors 2021 that will be most seen on the walls and modern decoration, and that could play and look good with our oak furniture .

Color scheme for interiors

The most used color trends this year are very varied, starting with warm tones and ending with ice shades. There is a color palette for interiors that can help us to combine colors with each other. This year's color scheme for home decoration is dominated by gray and yellow. This mix creates elegant and flamboyant spaces. Gray is a pleasant tone and combines with virtually all colors, it moves away from the movement of robust colors, providing tranquility and harmony in all the spaces of your home. There is a psychology of colors in decoration, which aims to achieve a home full of comfort. Color affects us a lot, it makes us feel, each color propitiates a mood and is a significant tool not only as a way to decorate but also to inspire emotionality in our lives. 


Scandinavian light whitewashed furniture

Light woods

This Scandinavian-inspired trend is based on choosing wood furniture in lighter tones, which makes it ideal for modern houses and homes with little space. Using this range provides a greater amplitude and ease to combine with colors. 


solid oak furniture in Scandinavian nordic style

Dark woods

It is essential to have balance in everything. The color of the walls with dark furniture should be chosen delicately, paying close attention to the combination of the design. Darker colors are also widely used in interiors. Today Scandinavian style does not consist only of pale, bleached woods that were so famous years ago. Nowadays dark wood tones come with a resurrection of retro glamour and that combines with the touch of modernity present in many luxury homes. 


Holistic colors

Holistic colors are those that convey calm, peace, tranquility and somehow create the necessary tendencies of healing and spiritual elevation, the keys to this style are formed with arctic neutrals, blush pinks and natural browns.


Colors of nature

Nature can bring us many things, from inner tranquility to deeper and more intense emotions. Likewise, the use of colors that have a huge connection with nature are in line with the trend. Vibrant colors, blues, Prussian blue, navy blue, blue and white, blue and brown, dark brown, blue and yellow, celadon green, celery green, avocado green, mint green, light olive green, bluish green, pale sky blue, light sky blue, beige, dark gray, white and silver gray are the colors that aspire to have new waves of inspiration, which influence our mood. The right color inspiration is a key to success in decorating every corner of your home, to make you feel very comfortable. 


solid oak furniture

Sustainable design

The connection with nature, climate change, globalization create this innovative trend. Everyday life encourages us to use durable quality furniture, made of natural materials and above all respecting nature. Light, pure, dark woods together with the right tone and exactly the right color ranges bring a lot of dynamism to the spaces and affect the decor elements. 

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Enjoy the latest trends in colors and designs that are booming!


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