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Solid oak rectangular dining table

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on January 11 2021

NordicStory mesa de comedor de madera maciza de roble


... and why rectangular?


   Rectangular tables have their unique space-saving advantages. When it comes to seating a lot of guests, it's the best option - the long, narrow design lends itself to large-scale entertainment, with the hosts positioned at either end.


   The simple, linear shape of a rectangular dining table fits easily into most rooms, allowing for easy movement when walking around the table. 


... how to make a set? 


NordicStory Dining Table Solid Oak Wood Dining Bench


   In small dining rooms, a rectangular table can be pushed against the wall when not in use, but if you're short on space, opt for dining benches long instead of dining chairs (they can be carefully placed under the table). 

    Choose a solid wood bench for a rustic design inspired dining room (you can add scattered cushions for comfort if needed). 


LoftStory Industrial Nordic rustic oak solid wood dining table

.... but I have a very small dining room ...


NordicStory Narrow Solid Oak Wood Dining Table


   Do not forget, that especially the extendable tables offer more  space for food and crockery, thus making the dining experience more comfortable. 


... and materials? 


   As part of the interior design connected with nature, we recommend choosing a rectangular table made of solid oak. It can transform the mood of a room or the entire home, creating a homely and cozy feel and a truly "organic" feel.

   Nor is it a passing fad - this material has been used in furniture construction for generations and as such offers a timeless quality that cannot be replicated.



Where and what type of dining table should I choose?


   It depends on what your home looks like and the social activities around your table!   With telework  from home and remote learning of the new reality and now we use our tables  as desks!



NordicStory Solid Oak Wood Desks


   Now is the best time to buy dining table all-in-one that can rise to the occasion, whether for dinner at home or to attend a meeting. You can find the best solid oak furniture at Oak.Store

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