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TUNG OIL, Our element with which we treat wood.

Dinara shangerey

Posted June 25 2021


 What is it? and what is it for?

 China tung oil or wood oil is a drying oil obtained by pressure from the seed of the nut of the tung tree (Vernicia Fordii). The Tun oilg  hardens upon exposure to air (through polymerization), the resulting coating is transparent and has a deep, almost wet appearance. Mainly used for finishing and protecting wood, after numerous coats, the finish brings out the beauty and natural touch, the Tung Oil for NordicStory Furniture   it is the best option to take care of them in the most correct and useful way.  

Flaxseed, safflower, poppy and soybean oils are oils related to drying. The oil and its use are believed to have originated in ancient China and appear in writings from around 400 BC. C.
The oil is heated gas-tight, and most oils used for coating are gas-tight, also known as "boiled."



The tung oil tree originates from southern China and was cultivated there for tung oil, but the cultivation date remains unknown. 
During the Song Dynasty, tung oil was used to waterproof ships.
The word "tung" is derived etymologically from Chinese (桐 ton).
The earliest references to the Chinese use of tung oil are in the writings of Confucius around 500 to 400 BC.


Tung oil, caring for solid oak wood



Tung oil is very popular today due to two properties; First of all, it is a substance of natural origin. Second, after it cures (5 to 30 days, weather / temperature related) the result is a very hard and easy to repair finish which is why it is used on ship decks and now furniture .
The oil is often diluted with a hydrocarbon thinner, so its viscosity is very low and allows the oil to penetrate the finest grain woods. This slimming vehicle evaporates in 15 to 20 minutes. When applied in many thin / thinner coats over wood, tung oil slowly cures to a light / matte satin look with a slight golden tint.
Tung oil resists water better than any other pure oil finish and does not darken noticeably with age. It is claimed to be less susceptible to mold than linseed oil. Caring for oak wood furniture, the use of Tung oil provides a beautiful and long-lasting appearance. 
How to care for oak wood furniture

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