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Sales and more sales!

Dinara shangerey

Posted on Jul 22 2021

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In our showroom Oak.Store de Madrid

c / Modena 33, Polígono de Europolis, Las rozas de Madrid Location


We remind you that we continue to Sales specials!

When choosing, you will always distinguish and identify the best, of high quality, of durability, of a lot of personality with a touch of authenticity.

Every home deserves its furniture of a high category.

Roble.Store always offers you the ecological furniture of natural materials. And to your question: Oak.Store Why choose us?

It is because of our responsibility, our concern and our commitment to the environment, currently, in the times in which we live.

Even the universe itself tells us over and over again that we are united in accordance with nature and with everything that surrounds us!

We are in the middle of summer, about to enjoy the holidays.

Take a look at our high quality products and with the current promotion!


Extendable solid oak wood dining table "France"


Solid oak wood extendable dining table France


One of the necessary, fundamental and basic furniture is the dining table.  

There are different types of dining tables with their different measures ¿how you can hit each appropriate dimension   in various spaces in each home?

This link of the article will serve as a guide in determining the volume in centimeters and the diameter that characterizes different shapes of a round, square, rectangular and oval table according to the number of diners and seats. 

Our very nice and elegant extendable table of solid oak dining room "France" is an alternative to combine with chairs  by Roble.Store. 

Solid Oak wood dressing table "Escandi"


Escandi solid oak wood dressing table


The choice of office desks   for your office has important advantages.

Currently the place of work and study is planned from home. We have models of the solid oak wood desks with its benefits.

With our solid oak wood dressing table "Escandi"  It is an ideal work corner and a great study corner. 


  Solid oak wood desk "Escandi 1"


Escandi 1 solid oak wood desk


A desk is an essential center in our work from home, in home office areas, in moments of inspiration and also in moments of learning.

Our solid oak wood writing table "Escandi 1"   The Scandinavian design pleases you with its functionality of the drawers to store your belongings and the fine lines of the finish increase the feeling of well-being and ergonomics to create many ideas while teleworking during the day, follow the schedule, optimize and improve the productivity of the process in general. 

Solid oak desk table "Berg"


Berg solid oak wood desk table


Our solid oak desk table "Berg"   It is a home office, with its storage drawers they fit perfectly in your office, in the youth or student room. With the right chair, you can sit comfortably for a few hours and increase productivity every day.



Solid oak bed "Judith"


Solid oak bed Judith


The bedroom is a quiet and relaxing place after a long workday, designed for maximum comfort for well-being.

With our beds and headboards de Oak.Store   your bedroom will have an individual look. The solid oak beds give huge comfort and luxury in your bedroom guaranteeing the safety and durability of furniture products.

We offer you our solid oak bed "Judith"   is characterized by its simplicity, aesthetics in the structure, functionality and the casual aspect of the wood finish   of the furniture. 


High bar table "Manchester 1" 

LoftStory High bar table Manchester 1 


To all lovers of style Loft.Story   we have the promotion of this range of furniture.

A durable and sturdy table with authentic industrial style  Manchester 1 it is the right choice to meet friends in a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere.

If you want to change the air in a corner of your kitchen with the bar table    Especially the combination of solid wood with a metallic structure, make this style of furniture very powerful indoors. 

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