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7 Scandinavian decorating tips according to the latest Scandinavian decorating trends

Dinara Shangerey

Published on July 02 2021

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How to style a Scandinavian house: 1/ Colors

To decorate an interior in Scandinavian style, you need to try to balance soft and warm colors for interiors giving a cozy feeling to the space.

From light wood floors, on a white (or almost white) background.

Also, playing with layers of elements in other softer colors, such as beige, terracotta, warm gray.

Anyway, Scandinavian interiors are not only about neutral colors, you can also add some pops of colors, for example, choosing yellows, greens, blues, burgundy.

Finally, not only about bright and light colors, in addition, to add more interest to a space, you could underline some areas of the house (for example, the main hall) with a dark paint, even in black. 


Nordic oak solid wood furniture


Scandinavian decorating tips : 2 / Design

Decorating an interior in Scandinavian style is also about creating cozy and pleasant corners inside a home.

Place solid wood furniture to create meeting corners, small relaxation and reading corners, without forgetting secondary pieces such as stools, small coffee tables and side tables, even a rug to define the different areas. 


Solid oak living room furniture


How to style a Scandinavian house: 3/ Lighting

One element that is absolutely essential when talking about Scandinavian interiors is lighting. 

Decorate a small bedroomA living room, a home office or any corner of your home that is more pleasant, giving much comfort to all members of the family. 

Inside Scandinavian homes, you will find many different light sources with different combinations. Ceiling lights, floor lamps, small table lamps, lights on windowsills, giving that typical authentic Scandinavian feeling. 


Oak solid wood bedroom furniture


How to design a Scandinavian house: 4/ Decoration elements

The difference within a Scandinavian interior, is that small objects are combined with each other in a casual way, adding that special mood. Jewelry, vases, bookssmall sculptures, boxes, everything can help to make the space more beautiful.

How tocombine Japanese and Scandinavian style ceramic elements? The Japandi style Japandi style is one of the most elevated elements of decoration. For its sophistication and subtlety.

Small ceramic vases, maybe glazed or maybe using our own brushes. Creating a good vibe in the room.

In fact, it is a quick and easy way to add personal touches to a small decorative element in the interior of your home.

 LoftStory, solid wood, ceramics, quality furniture


How to style a Scandinavian house: 5/ Fabrics

The style of a Scandinavian interior is all about creating a minimalist, yet cozy and casual feel. To achieve this, it is crucial to work with different layers of textures, also keeping in mind the tactile feel of the materials.

The easiest way to achieve this is to work with different fabrics. For example, for your bedroom choose natural fibers with a soft and tactile look by working with different layers.


 different layers of textures


How to style a Scandinavian house: 6/ Plants and flowers

Last but not least, don't forget to add some natural elements inside your home. Choose only real green plants, but you could also opt for small dried branches or flowering branches.

For example, how a simple branch of flowers in a transparent vase can immediately become a beautiful decorative element.

 Solid wood floating sideboard console in whitewashed tone


7/ Don't forget to go green!

Especially Scandinavian interiors, we will learn to take a more eco-friendly approach in our own homes.

By choosing local design, for example, we are giving a little help to reduce our carbon footprint; by choosing sustainable materials, we are giving a little help to our environment.


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