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8 ideas to decorate small bedrooms

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on Feb 06 2021

8 ideas para decorar dormitorios pequeños

Decorating a small bedroom can be a challenge for even the most seasoned interior designers. Nobody wants to feel crammed into a room for rest and relaxation. But unless you tear down a wall, it may appear that there is little that can be done to improve the situation.

Fear not. With a little innovative thinking, you can make a room appear more spacious and actually create more space. This blog post features 8 ideas for you to try.


Make a small room seem more spacious

If you are decorating a small room, you should try the impossible: to make the room seem more spacious than it is. Believe it or not, there are a number of clever visual tricks you can do to make your little room feel a lot bigger than it is.

oak wood bed

Use contrasting light and dark colors

White walls are always a safe bet when decorating. In small rooms, white walls open up the space and make it appear larger. If you want to add depth and variety to the space, use contrasting dark colors to add accents and features.

For example, you can turn a wall into a plain or striped feature wall. The horizontal stripes along the tall wall will elongate the room, while the vertical stripes up and down the shorter walls help give the illusion of additional height.

Add a large mirror

The reflection of the room gives the illusion that the room extends beyond the small space. You can add a large mirror on its own or attach it to your closet. The mirror will also reflect light, which will help the room appear brighter and appear larger.

Add floor-to-ceiling curtains or remove them entirely

Curtains can be a difficult feature to match. Common mistakes when hanging curtains include setting the curtain rod too low and having short curtains. In a small room, using long curtains can help a room appear taller. Therefore, you should pay attention to the location of the rod and the length of the curtain.

Alternatively, you can remove the curtains entirely and fit a blind that fits the window perfectly. This is good for especially small rooms where a minimalist design is sought, while curtains can appear bulky in a crowded space.

Choose furniture with raised legs and see-through features

"Transparent features" refer to pieces that are not entirely solid, but instead have gaps that allow you to see part of the space on the other side of the furniture.

Raised furniture and see-through features allow more light to flow freely and make your small bedroom airier and your furniture appear less bulky. A raised bed offers storage space underneath, which is useful when, as one of our recommendations, you are below to tidy up your room.


Maximize the space in the room

Visual tricks aside, there are also a number of things you can do to make the most of your room's space. Here are four ideas.

single oak wood bed

Push the bed against the corner

This may not be popular with adults, but if you can only fit one Individual bed or a double bed small in your room, then this design is a good choice. You will have more space to walk and you can also place a small closet in the room. Use the tricks above to try and make the room appear larger, and choose high-quality, sophisticated furniture to give the room a more "grown-up" feel.

Tidy up and keep furniture to a minimum

Less is more when it comes to decorating an extremely small bedroom. Keeping the room clutter-free will free up more space in the room. Try to go for a minimalist design with only enough of what you need and no more!
Remember earlier when we said your bed should be raised? Well, now you can use the space under the bed to store your shoes, out-of-season clothes or any other clutter that you are not ready to get rid of yet. Make sure to use storage boxes and covered baskets to keep dust out of your stored possessions.

Add furniture and wall accessories

Using wall-mounted accessories will help keep the floor clear and provide more room to walk. For example, you can eliminate end tables, floor lamps, bookshelves, and even full-length cabinets by adding wall lamps, floating shelves and bedside tables, and wall cabinets above the bed to take advantage of the space above the room. . If you also have a TV in the room, go ahead and mount it on the wall instead of putting up a bulky TV stand.

Avoid platform beds

Platform beds, particularly those designs that extend wider than the mattress and generally sit flush with the floor, are not recommended for small spaces. For starters, they break one of our previous rules and choose furniture with raised legs.

But the cardinal sin of platform beds is that they take up precious space to walk on, and you'll hit your toes and shins in those corners more times than you can count. Yes, they seem like a good idea and aesthetically, a platform bed looks good if you have large space; but trust us in this case, your fingers and shins will thank you.

These are just some practical and applicable ideas that you can use to make your small bedroom look bigger and save space. Some ideas may not be popular, like pushing the bed into the corner. What am I, a college student? - but when you work with an extremely small space, you have to make the most of every inch of space. We hope these tips have been helpful to you. Take a look at our websiteFind the oak bedroom furniture and see if you can make the most of your small space with high-quality solid wood pieces.

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