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The 8 best items for a Scandinavian interior

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on December 04 2020

decoración de estilo escandinavo


Contrary to the opinion that the Scandinavian style in the interior could be boring and monotonous, this one can turn out to be bright and unforgettable. It assumes not only white walls, but also different colors, original furniture, wooden moldings and other solutions that will make the room extraordinary and comfortable. Today we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the TOP-8 elements that will make the interior in Scandinavian style look lively and interesting. We are sure that the selection will inspire you to try new experiments.


natural wood floor coat rack

1. Standing coat rack

An open storage system for clothes is a solution that can often be found in small apartments. Help save valuable space and ditch bulky furniture. This type of wooden coat rack it will easily fit into a space made in Scandinavian style.

2. Decorative storage system

A shelf opens the opportunity to decorate the room with photos and organize the storage of various small things, for example, jewelry, vases or books. 


Scandinavian style decorative storage

3. Light wood shelves

This is a versatile option used in Scandinavian style for storage of small gadgets. Competent arrangement of accessories will be worthy decoration of the room.

4. Linen and cotton textiles

The interior, made in Scandinavian style, accepts natural textiles, more specifically, cotton and linen. Blankets, capes, pillowcases etc. It is important to introduce other accessories inside to make it lighter.

5. Painting

The plaid trend appeared not long ago. A minimalist painting of tropical plants would fit perfectly into the Scandinavian style concept. Black and white posters are no less popular, and they are also applicable in the loft style.

6. Mirror

An elegant mirror of various shapes in a stylish pendant will successfully fit into any interior. Placing it on a shelf or on the floor, you can transform the room, focusing on the details. Of course, this mirror would provide an aesthetic role rather than a practical one. This should be taken into account when selecting the product.

7. Candlestick

A chandelier made in the form of, for example, a torch, white or gray - can be an effective decoration element. The exquisite design of the models is practical and safe. Thanks to its wide base, the candle holder holds the candle securely.

8. Decorative plates

Original accessories made of natural clay are a bright addition to the Scandinavian interior. Some manufacturers offer to decorate the table with plates that are equated with objects of art. Such a solution can become a simple decoration or a fruit or candy stand.


solid oak wood table decorative plates


Hundreds of decorative elements have been created for the Scandinavian interior, to acquire some you have to buy those that are available in online stores that sell products from the main manufacturers. When giving preference to branded products, choose originality, brevity and comfort.

Oak.Store is a brand that offers very good quality Scandinavian style furniture. You can visit our furniture store in Barcelona (Av. Diagonal 352) or buy furniture online.

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