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Natural luxury: solid oak wood furniture

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on Feb 18 2021

Lujo natural :  muebles de madera maciza roble


Quality is the true luxury

Traditional craftsmanship, simplicity, premium materials, soft edge design: these are the signs that point to "pure" luxury, pure because it is natural, defined by a focus on what really matters and a willingness to renounce mass consumption in favor of sustainable product concepts.

NordicStory Dressing table solid wood European oak

Similar to what is happening in the world of fashion, the pendulum in the interiors sector appears to be moving away from "getting cheaper and cheaper" towards a relatively steep quality orientation. More than ever, the furniture culture, influenced by the design scene, shows a preference for a language simple and sober design with a natural look and authentic materials.

NordicStory Solid Oak Wood Display Cabinet

Quality is the true luxury. It manifests itself not so much in the “more” and opulence of its forms and materials, but in the high-quality workmanship, in the details, in the originality of the furniture. Above all, Natural Luxury has its roots in the world of materials. Its quality and authenticity are best expressed in simple ways that showcase the manufacturer's experience and skill in an understandable way. Don't forget to check with our collections hilt y Elsa lux, which are made with the oak of large and precious wood sheets.

NordicStory Extendable Round Solid Oak Wood Dining Table

One way máit's natural to live

More and more people are seriously trying to change their consumer behavior in the hope of bringing about a change that will lead society to behave in a more sustainable way. The climate neutrality aspect is playing an increasingly important role in consumer decisions, regardless of whether they relate to mobility, smartphones, food, or furniture. As a result, the ability of the product to tell a story is increasingly important.

 NordicStory Solid Wood Oak Bedroom Eco-friendly Furniture

That is why natural materials and solid wood are popular choices when it comes to household products, not only because they evoke a cozy atmosphere, but also for ecological reasons. Furniture with a high level of design quality also promises a sustainable effect. The yearning for a natural home keeps the trend towards Nordic design very much alive, especially as it is associated with a simple, rustic and close to nature lifestyle that finds expression in the traditionally simple design cultivated in the XNUMXth century.


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