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Match your home with the multifunctional SVEN solid oak furniture.

Dinara Shangerey

Published on October 01 2021

NordicStory Sven solid oak floating sideboard console table in oak


Our console sideboard Sven is a multi-functional piece of furniture in the Nordic style. In each area of your home you can use in different compositions giving a different touch to the set of solid oak furniture.

With a perfect distribution and with the right guidelines we will help you organize every corner of your home to make the most of the space and enjoy more comfortable, spacious and pleasant environments. So we will make a tour of the whole house, giving you the tricks that fit your favorite style, in this case choosing well the best collection of furniture in Scandinavian style..

And, we start now with the foyer, because this piece looks wonderfully beautiful in the entryway. 


- Demarcate your space. If it is open to another room, a rug, a carpet or an elongated doormat will help you mark the space. Remember about an object decorating this area with neutral tones.

- If there is little light. To gain more illumination, use the light from lamps lamps or ceiling lights. Perimeter lighting on the walls is a very good option. 

- What about the entrance corridor? The entrance usually connects to a corridor andHow can you make a narrow corridor appear wider? If it is 1 m. wide or more, you can take advantage of it with a piece of furniture with a small base: a bookcasea bookcase, some shelves, a floating furniture....

Before buying a suitable entrance furniture as a necessary piece of the hall, first of all, you have to take into account the choice of size and design suitable for the room of the home and, secondly, the special and authentic touch to bring that personality in your entrance hall with lighting, rugs, coat racks or along with a wooded plant with a striking planter, it will fit essential for entrances and halls giving a very personal and modern touch to new design trends. 

Let's talk about useful measures in the hall that will help make this room more cozy. 
  • 1. Entrance passage area. Theideal is to leave a passage width of about 90 cm. in the corridor area to be able to pass comfortably. 

  • 2. Empty-pockets. If you have a piece of furniture to leave some magazines, newspapers or keys when entering the house, then it is sufficient to have a surface - from a shelf to a console - about 20 cm. deep.

  • 3. Other pieces of furniture. A coat racka bencha mirror, a shoe rack... These pieces of furniture will make the hall more practical and beautiful. 


NordicStory Sven solid oak floating sideboard console table in oak


Sven as a composition of TV furniture

Our SVEN TV cabinet collection is a great option to create an ideal entertainment space at home, both for a small apartment or a large living room for the whole family. This model with its two deep drawers that are convenient to close and soft opening is better organized cables, and with an element that gives storage solutions, has also a space to place the TV in all comfort and a hollow enough to place a few decorative objects .

The color of natural oak and bleached color depending on the design in your home and being a very robust oak wood brings a lot of personality.


Solid wood oak TV furniture Nordic Scandinavian design


Undoubtedly, this is one of the essential pieces of furniture for your living room. It is a piece of furniture where you will be able to place everything, because of its interior capacity, the Sven thanks to its multifunctionality can be like a chest of drawers or a mini sideboard.

It is very versatile, elegant, made of authentic oak wood and with a touch of Japandi - a harmonious blend of two different worlds, Japanese and Nordic design. Japandi - a harmonious blend of two different worlds, Japanese and Nordic design.


Chests of drawers and dressers in solid oak wood


And to the question "What is Japandi?What is Japandi? you can take a look at this link of the blog of Oak.Store.

 Chests of drawers in solid oak wood


 YOU choose..... 


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