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The best collection of furniture in Scandinavian style

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on May 02 2020

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Introducing our favorite Escandi collection

The Escandi collection is inspired by the genius type of mid-century style that makes Scandinavian design so desirable. Exuding an air of calm, the overall aesthetic of this range of natural oak is reduced: smooth, solid tops, slim frames with tapered legs, and flat-front drawers with recessed handles to keep lines clean. It's a timeless range made for modern life, let's explore how these timelessly classic pieces could work in your home.

Escandi in your living room

Whether you're in a city flat or in a house that desperately needs more square footage, many of us today crave head room and room to relax. Escandi takes this into account, and with the 'less is more' style mantra, its uncomplicated Nordic simplicity means living with the range is a joy. To help you adopt a bit of Nordic minimalism and stay on top of the clutter, there are plenty of beautiful storage pieces in the collection. Everyday essentials get a suitable home with our "Escandi 3" sideboard. Its asymmetric combination of articulated dovetail drawers and wardrobe shelves works just as brilliantly in the living room for board games and DVDs as it does in the dining room for tableware and bedding. The generous upper part is yours to design with a lamp, greenery or some junk. Using the wall above the unit to hang a mirror or picture will make it a focal point. Meanwhile, our glass cases "Escandi 1", "Escandi 2" y "Escandi 3" They can create a convenient showcase for those treasured things you like to keep safe but don't want to hide.

oak wood dining table

Escandi in your room

Possibly Escandi has a slim silhouette but, like all our ranges, it is very resistant. Made with the best quality wood, from our beautiful Beds even something smaller like a nightstand, each piece feels substantial. Attention to small details makes a big difference. A slatted bed base and solid oak drawers provide increased durability so that the furniture you love can be enjoyed for years to come.

Our ranges are designed for large and small homes and the Escandi collection offers a variety of storage options for the bedroom. There is a tall boy "Escandi 6" If you need to go vertical and make the most of your floor space, a box of blankets for thicker items such as bedding and towels, as well as a selection of Cabinets y perfect in various sizes for clothing and accessories.

Escandi in your home office

It may be that you have always had your office at home, but with recent events, for many of us, operating remotely will be part of a new routine that we have to understand. Achieving the right work-life balance so that your work doesn't take over entirely is one of the biggest challenges. Home should still feel like home, and while office furniture needs to be functional and get the job done, it can also be stylish, which is why we love pieces that fit the look of the rest of our space. The high shelf of Scandi, with five solid solid oak shelves, leaves files and books easily accessible, while our “Escandi” desk it gives you plenty of room to spread out and focus on your tasks. There are two drawers to store essential office items.

solid wood desk

Escandi in your dining room

Made of 100% oak and built to last, the wide variety of benches  y extending tables It has solidity, while the modernist design will give your room a feeling of lightness that you will love.

To find more inspiration, explore the full Escandi collection ...


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