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Japandi: It is a harmonious blend of two different worlds, Japanese and Nordic design.

Dinara shangerey

Posted on September 16 2021

Aparador Cómoda de madera maciza roble Escandi 3
If you like simplicity and minimalism then this style of decoration  Japandi might be the most suitable for you, which has a refined and delicate aesthetic that speaks more of quality and materials. Under this modernized concept, craftsmanship, minimalist design, the two Nordic and Japanese styles highlight this same philosophy, each in its own way. When the two mix, a unique and curious concept emerges, called Japandi. 

La shelving from the Escandi collection in the form of a ladder with five shelves, it is ideal to place all kinds of details in any room from a bathroom, bedroom, living room, even in the kitchen. Staggered shelves allow the placement of decorative items or books of different sizes. 
Escandi solid oak wood bookcase


Both styles — Japanese and Scandinavian — embrace the philosophy of less is more, so naturally so does Japandi. Very few works of art on the walls, soft and zen style of decoration, few ceramic vases or ornaments and carefully chosen artisan decoration are recommended for homes.

Bring an unmistakable character to your living room with our coffee table Kvadro. Original, robust and practical. It is an authentic piece of wood in your living room with a design that will help you keep the living room orderly and that will not leave your guests indifferent. Its rounded corners also make it ideal for family homes. It contains two good drawers and two shelves so you can hide or show off your most valuable belongings. 


Kvadro Solid Oak Wood Coffee Table


A palette of heaven and earth colors. 

To really adhere to the Japandi rules, think about the colors that are present in nature. A more Scandinavian style that focuses on light and neutral colors and the other style of Japanese aesthetics that uses earth colors and greens. 

Our TV Stand wardy it is precisely combinable with this dual style. It has an elongated shape, made of high quality oak wood from organic farming. Its large board allows other accessories to be placed apart from the television. The iron legs guarantee the solidity of the furniture and its multiple drawers and shelves allow you to hide from the dishes to your record collection.


Wardi solid oak wood TV cabinet


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