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Solid oak beds: comfort and luxury in your bedroom

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on September 30 2020

cama de madera natural de roble macizo

In the bedroom where they settle oak wood furniture, you feel comfortable and sincere, the whole environment is conducive to tranquility and relaxation. The natural origin of the material ensures the safety of the furniture products, and it is also very pleasant that a slight aroma of natural wood emanates. Any room will be decorated with a solid oak bed, classic or modern style. Our article will tell you about its advantages, as well as what to consider when choosing.

When choosing oak furniture, you need to consider its durability. Most likely, you will have to use it for many years and even, when making repairs in the room, adapt to existing furniture. If you want to completely renovate the interior every 5-7 years, then there is no point in buying an oak bed.

Solid oak furniture surfaces, as a rule, are not hidden under a layer of colored paint, as the structure itself looks rich and sophisticated. En Oak.Store We use VOC free BORMA WACHS ™ tung oil that does not emit any toxic particles. It guarantees the protection and durability of the wood, maintaining its texture and natural essence.

 natural solid wood bed

The main advantages of solid oak products

Furniture withstands the decay process well and is resistant to mechanical stress.

In terms of shelf life, oak products last much longer than birch, pine, or other more budgetary species, not to mention chipboard.

Even when heated, the massif does not tend to emit harmful substances, on the contrary, the air in the room is purified with the help of useful tannins.

Solid oak items carry significant weight, making it difficult to accidentally tip over.

It is better not to paint the surface of the products, but to stain; such furniture has a noble and refined look. During use, the beautiful natural texture becomes even clearer.

Solid oak products serve more than one generation in the family. The classic look of the bed allows you to place it in the interior of any bedroom. Oak wood has a porous structure, the presence of large containers makes it difficult to polish the pieces. Oak wood requires a slow drying process and when accelerated, cracks can form in the boards.

 ecological natural wood bed

How to choose a solid oak bed to buy for a long time


Before buying or placing an order to make a bed, you need to answer the following questions:

-for whom the product is purchased: a newborn baby, two children, an adult, a married couple;

-what are the dimensions of the bedroom;

-in what style the interior is made.

Of course, you need to choose any bed after considering all the nuances. However, when it comes to ordering a solid oak bed, a mistake can cost you too much. It is difficult to return a product of this type to the manufacturer if there is no defect on your part.

Choosing a bed for a couple is a very responsible matter. Most importantly, both of you should have a place to relax. The first rule: the length of the bed should exceed the height of the tallest member of the family by at least ten centimeters (for example, the height of one spouse is 1.8 m, that of the other is 1.65 m, then the length of the bed will be 1.9 m). The second rule concerns width: to sleep comfortably, everyone in their own half should lie down with their hands folded under their heads. If you don't feel the "neighbor's" elbow, then this sleeping place is right for you.


youth heritage wooden bed


A separate question: which is better: a bed on legs or a bed on the body? In this case, you need to focus on health and age. Older people with spinal or joint pain prefer taller models that are easier to stand on. If there are no back problems, you can opt for a fashionable low bed.

First and foremost, the furniture should be selected according to the style of the interior. For one style, you need a simple shape, while for another, you need to choose a decorated product.

Furniture with flowing lines is better suited to modern interiors. Choose a solid oak bed with a simple but sophisticated shape, for example, like our bed "Next". In decoration, you can use asymmetry, use combinations with different decorative materials. The fixtures should create a dim light. Plant or animal designs work well on curtains, bedspreads, and other fabric trim.

When creating a minimalist bedroom design, it is worth dwelling on a rectangle shaped bed. The main thing in minimalism is not to overdo it with decorative elements: only the necessary elements should be present in the interior. The solid wood model with preserved natural wood color will fit perfectly into this design. In general, modern styles are characterized by the use of low beds, they usually have a small headboard and without legs. The role of the headboard can be played with a decorative panel on the wall behind the bed.

Oak furniture will organically complement the modern and very popular loft style today. Originating sometime during the crisis years in America, this way of bringing industrial premises to a residential look has become not just a design, but a way of life for creative and creative young people. The loft style combines almost incompatible things: crudely crafted walls and a luxurious leather sofa, open communications, and plenty of sunlight. A wooden pedestal bed can be a great option.


wooden bed with drawers


Also, take into account the functionality of the bed. The capabilities of modern furniture manufacturers allow you to choose interior items that serve not only the main purpose, but also additional functions. A striking example of such furniture is the models of modern bed with drawers, where the surface is used as a place to sleep and the interior space is used to store things.

En Oak.Store you can buy a variety of shapes and models of solid oak beds. They are completed according to the wishes of the clients and are decorated with various decorative elements.

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