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How to choose a kitchen bar table

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on May 09 2020

Como elegir mesa de bar para cocina

The bar tables Kitchen items can come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, from simple to elaborate. They can fit in places where an ordinary table might not work, and they can be combined with counter heights for comfort when working on other things in the kitchen. There is a more important rule to choose the ideal bar set: the height of the bar stool must be correlated to the height of the bar counter or table; This is a rule that must be absolutely followed.

Common ergonomic standards say that the distance from the bar counter to the bar stool seat should be at least 25 cm. The distance from the seat to the fulcrum must be at least 45 cm.

Also, you must remember that if the bar stool is too high or too low, sitting on it will certainly be uncomfortable, in addition, the incorrect position of the body can cause back pain. A bar stool height improper will certainly shorten the time you spend at the bar or bar table. It will create inconvenience for both guests and family.

When looking for a suitable bar height for the kitchen, you must also consider the quality factor. Even a good set of bars of adequate height will not be used for a long time if the manufacturer has not paid enough attention to quality.

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