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Guide: How to know the appropriate measurements for your dining table

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on May 08 2021

mesa de comedor rectangular extensible de madera maciza

How large is your Dining Table? We guide you and propose some ideas, which serve as a guide and we give you some tips for your choice

An essential piece of furniture in your living room or dining room is undoubtedly the Dining table being a basic element that accompanies Sislands. Therefore, when decorating a suitable space, it is important to think about factors such as its size and functionality along with the design. This article serves as a guide in determining the volume in centimeters and the diameter that characterizes different shapes of a round, square, rectangular and oval table according to the number of diners and seats. Being the protagonists of the decoration so space and style are factors that must also be taken into account. 



round oak wood dining table


If you have little space, the round tables are great for it, distributed in secret corners, which invite intimacy and conversation, create more welcoming environments between two people during lunch or dinner and generate greater sociability. In addition to that, the Round Table is not recommended to pick up a large number of people, even if everything on the table is visible, but that can be provoked to speak aloud during communication with each of the guests that is in front of you. . However, if you choose more a Round Table for the style especially during large events, in this case an extendable table that is more pleasant, versatile, social is a golden option.  

The sizes that a round table would have regarding the diameter and the seats are these:  





extendable square dining table


When choosing a table, the Square Dining Table It is the one that has the same square on all sides, adjusting to the walls and taking advantage of the space for practical reasons. The position in which you are going to place the Square Table fits well for symmetrical spaces, since thanks to its straight shape it can be placed in any corner or against the wall. The square shape of the Square Table is related to the earth that brings balance to the environment.

The sizes that a square table would have regarding the seats are these:  

extendable square table



rectangular solid wood table


A remarkable top in the types of a table is the Rectangular table that manages to create a space for more people and would be achievable for more than 4 diners, well adapted to the size of the rectangular dining rooms. It offers the advantage of being able to distribute the diners according to their orientations. This shape favors comfort in the larger environment.

La Oval shaped table It is very similar to the previous one and differs in the more rounded shapes at the corners, which soften it even more visually and is more usable in space. It all depends on the tastes, the preferences of each one and the space of each home, when buying an Oval or Rectangular Table. 

The sizes that a rectangular / oval table would have regarding the seats are these:  

 rectangular or oval table

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