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Featured Trend: 5 reasons to love natural materials

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on March 20 2020

NordicStory European oak solid wood furniture

Add texture

Is your current decorating scheme falling flat? Whether you love neutrals or prefer pops of color, your decor can still feel off if you're missing this essential ingredient: texture.

And can you guess the easiest way to infuse some visual character into any space? You know we're going to say natural materials! And it's true. Natural materials are a great way to liven up your current space without changing the style or buying a whole new set of furniture, sometimes it's enough to bring in just one piece, for example, the dining table or a solid wood side table. Basically, natural, shock-proof materials complement even the most vibrant or neutral of spaces.

They are ultra-versatile

Sometimes, even when you love a trend, it can be hard to figure out how to integrate it into your current decor (we knew that rustic barn door felt out of place in our mid-century living room). Fortunately, that couldn't be further from the truth with the natural materials trend.

One of our favorite things about using natural materials is their versatility. From rustic or modern to anything in between, this is a trend that makes you easily feel at home in rooms of all styles. It's subtle enough to blend in, but striking enough to make your space feel new. Talk about a win-win!

They have great staying power

You know that feeling when you've had the same decor for a while and suddenly you realize you've had enough? Maybe it's a wall color that's stuck around too long or even a trend you once loved but now can't stand.

And unfortunately, most people don't have the time or money to change their interiors as often as they change their minds. So what is a person who changes their mind and knows the style supposed to do?

Unlike avocado green appliances or velvet wallpaper, natural materials aren't going out of style anytime soon. These pieces can be dressed up to suit your current design choices and reused in different spaces - you've got to love a trend with staying power!

Bringing nature indoors

Spring and summer are all about bringing the outdoors indoors. We all know this is the rule of thumb (green) with plants and flowers: having friends photosynthesize helps your home feel cozier, cleans your air and makes you a happier person!

Pieces like jute rugs and bamboo side tables can help you bring more natural vibes into your home. This is especially good if you have a brown thumb because a seagrass side table doesn't need TLC - we'll take all the positive plant power we can get!

Bringing back the nostalgia of the 80's

If your grandmother had matching wicker armchairs and a bamboo fan, you may remember that the natural materials trend started long before summer 2019.

Using natural materials in your space is a great way to nod to the '80s without going overboard (unless you want to, of course). Cotton window treatments, jute rugs and woven light fixtures are great ways to get a taste of the '80s.




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