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Why choose solid oak furniture - An environmentally friendly alternative for your home?

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on July 07 2022

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When choosing a beautiful and ecological furniture for your home, the least that comes to your mind is that it should be made of wood, but if we told you that oak can be an excellent ecological alternative, with good design and excellent finishes?

Here are 7 reasons why you should choose solid oak furniture as the perfect alternative to improve the ecology of your home.

Durable material with excellent service life

Its main advantage is its durability, as it is a slow-growing tree, its fibers are much more robust in comparison, therefore, you will have a resistant piece of furniture in your home that you will not have to change or replace for a long time.

NordicStory escandi collection oak solid wood furniture

                                 Nordic Story Escandi Collection

In addition, if it comes from renewable or certified forests, all the better. It is worth mentioning that it is also a wood that withstands moisture very well, hence its usefulness in the manufacture of ships in ancient times.

Elegant and beautiful appearance

In addition to being a wood with a long service life, this material looks great, all thanks to the particularity of its grain and how its texture is formed. It has a great natural look with a warm visual appearance. Best of all, you can get it in a variety of shades, from the whitest to the darkest.

NordicStory solid oak furniture collection Elsa

                                        Nordic Story Elsa Collection

It is a very versatile wood

No matter what style of decoration you want for your home, this wood easily adapts to any style. Do you like Nordic, vintage, modern or rustic? Oak goes with everything.

Easy to work with

In spite of being solid and resistant, it is a wood that can be easily worked, therefore, it can have a rustic, satin, matte finish, etc. It will always be adjusted to the taste of each person.

LoftStory collection Mozaik in oak wood

                                   Loft Story Mozaik Collection

Suitable for any furniture

It is a wood that due to its properties can be used in all furniture such as tables, cabinets, beds, solid desks, among others. This is perfect because you won't have to resort to other materials such as melamine or MDF which are not very environmentally friendly.

Oak is an environmentally friendly material

It goes without saying, but, without a doubt, working with oak is a guarantee of ecological sustainability, since its manufacturing process does not impact the environment at all, especially if its origin is certified by the SCF, but the main reason is that it does not have any type of synthetic or harmful chemical processing as, for example, melamine wood or MDF.

They are easy to care for

Furniture made of oak requires little or no maintenance compared to other softwoods, so you won't have to be so careful when cleaning it, and no matter what, it will look as good as on the first day. Forget about using harmful chemicals to clean them.

NordicStory collection Combo furniture in solid oak wood

                                        Nordic Story Combo Collection

At Oak.Store we always bet on European oak wood, because this type of material allows the production of furniture in a much more sustainable and economical way without sacrificing the quality and finish of our solid wood furniture.

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