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How to choose a shoe cabinet? The best way to do it

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on Jul 01 2022

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If you are here it is because you have realized that you lack space in your closet to store your shoes and you are looking for a solution that keeps them organized. Don't worry, we have the solution you need. Of course we are referring to a shoe cabinet, the best way to keep your shoes and your family's in order.

Having a shoe cabinet offers you countless benefits in addition to maintaining order, with them you take better care of your shoes, prevent them from getting lost, allow you to organize them by color and help you maximize the spaces in your home or room. In addition, they look good and can go according to the style of your spaces. If you want to choose the best wooden shoe cabinet, here are some characteristics that you must follow to find the one that suits your needs.

     NordicStory shoe cabinet solid oak wood

Choose a shoe cabinet for its Material

Buying a shoe rack online should not be taken lightly, especially for its material, if you want it to be durable and of quality, the most recommended thing is that the shoe rack be made of wood and if it is solid, much more so, although there are many more flexible materials or light as plastic or fabric, they do not shine and are not as robust and resistant as oak.

Therefore, if you want to save money, but constantly risk buying a shoe rack, you can decide on plastic or fabric, if you are looking for something more resistant, but that does not look as good, then metal is your option, but if you really want the perfect combination of beauty, functionality and quality, then a shoe cabinet made of solid wood such as oak is your best option.

Choose a wooden shoe rack for its capacity

This is also an important point, the main thing is that the furniture does not fall short in the number of shoes it can store. The most advisable thing is that you analyze the capacity you require and the space where it will be placed in your home, whether it is a shoe rack for the entrance or for rooms.

NordicStory shoe cabinet solid oak wood

Keep in mind that the number of shelves can make a big difference when it comes time to choose, remember that it is better to have too much space than not enough, this is because you will constantly be buying shoes and you will need a space to store them.

How to choose a shoe cabinet for its size?

Although capacity and size go hand in hand, it is necessary to explain them separately, before buying a shoe cabinet you must be aware of where it will be and its dimensions. Keep in mind how high or wide the assigned site will be before giving the option to buy a shoe rack, do not forget that these oak furniture take up considerable space.

       NordicStory shoe cabinet solid oak wood

Is design important when choosing a shoe cabinet?

Always consider that this shoe cabinet will be part of the decoration of your home or room and you will have thousands of very elegant options. If you really want everything to look harmonious, it is best to try to combine the style of your shoe rack with that of your home.

You can find a wide variety of shoe benches with different styles, but all with the same function, however, if trying to combine is difficult for you, then we recommend the Nordic style, it is very versatile and as a general rule it fits very well with all current styles Want to see some business?

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