What are the advantages of wooden beds?
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What are the advantages of wooden beds?

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on July 16 2022

NordicStory Scandinavian solid oak bedroom bed


In the market you will find a great variety of beds, but there is no doubt that among those that stand out the most are those made of solid wood, but why do people prefer them? Here are the reasons.

Each wooden bed is unique

We all know that wood comes from a tree and that it has a bark, inside it you will find a pattern of unique and individual rings, each of which will tell the story of its life, the conditions in which it grew and the periods of drought or abundant rain, therefore, it is a fact that there will be no identical trees as there are no identical people.

NordicStory Oak solid wood bed "Judith

This means that every wooden bed you buy will be exceptional and unique inside, even if they are made of the same material or their manufacturing process is similar. See all our beds here.

Solid wood beds are made of environmentally friendly materials.

Nowadays people are more aware of the impact they have on the environment, therefore, they support much more the ecological cause and this is the case of bed manufacturers, because when making this type of furniture they look for materials from certified renewable sources and, during the manufacturing process they avoid the use of harmful chemicals, resulting in economical and environmentally friendly natural wood beds.

NordicStory Scandinavian Nordic style solid oak bed

We also highlight the fact that they are varnished with eco dyes free of pollutants and toxins, all thanks to the use of natural dyes that are harmless to the environment.

Wooden beds help with your health

Not only are they present during your rest that ultimately contributes to your health, also, being made of natural raw material does not have harmful substances for your health that can harm your body when in contact with them. On the other hand, they do not accumulate static and dust, which is good news for allergy sufferers.

These solid wood beds are allergy-free, so they are perfect for children who are prone to allergies, and they also regulate humidity by absorbing it from the environment and then returning it when it is warm.

NordicStory Scandinavian Nordic style solid oak bed

Wooden beds are timeless in style

Wooden beds are furniture that remain current in terms of style, therefore, no matter what trend is in fashion, you can completely adapt it to the design you want for your room. This is great because in the end it will allow you to save a lot of money instead of replacing every time you want to change the decoration.

In addition, if you decide you want a change you can easily paint the wood, varnished or give it a new touch by covering it with leather or any other material you can think of, as you can see it is a very versatile piece of furniture that adapts to any taste or situation.

NordicStory Bed with storage in solid oak wood

Wooden beds are more resistant than others

It is true that wood needs to be properly treated and cared for in order to retain its quality. Even so, if you manage to do so, it will be a piece of furniture that will be profitable over the years, in fact, it will last much longer than MDF or melamine boards which, by the way, are more harmful due to the chemicals used in their manufacture.

Another advantage of wooden beds, whether double or single, is that if you take good care of them, they will be very resistant to damage, and they can be easily repaired and modified according to your taste, so if your bed suffers any damage, it won't cost you anything to have it repaired.

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