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Our wooden furniture follows a whole manufacturing process. Which one?

Maria P.G.

Posted on March 25 2022

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The manufacture of furniture Oak.Store They carry a whole process from when we acquire the wood from sustainable forests until we have our beautiful dining table at home. A whole team of professionals is in charge of the correct handling of this material and its finish.

The wood we use to make the furniture Oak.Store It comes from European sustainable forests. The Sustainable forests are those that are managed responsibly. This means that they are managed in a way that maintains their biodiversity, their productivity, their capacity to regenerate, their vitality and their ability to fulfill all their ecological, economic and social functions now and in the future, and without all this implying causing damage. to other forests.


This wood reaches factories where it is treated naturally for the creation of different pieces of furniture, like this one. Moby extendable round table. How do you know the Finished what we offer are in Natural Oak and Bleached Oak color. The treatment given to the wood is with tung oil and to give it that bleached tone, pigment and natural additives are used. To know more about the tung oil visit our blog post where we talk about it.

Here we leave you a link for the care of wood with oil CLICK!

Once the desired finish has been achieved on the wood, it is shaped in our factories located in the Czech Republic, Romania, Belarus and Lithuania. 

Wood protection techniques with natural vegetable oils and waxes bring out the natural color and beauty of the wood. They do not seal the wood, but rather let it ''breathe''.They do not pose a burden to the environment, as these products are fully biologically degradable.

Once the plates of the pieces have been made, we proceed to the first assembly of extendable dining tables, Beds, dressers, chests of drawers, tv furniture etc, these are packed and grouped on pallets to later send them to the showroom or make deliveries to their homes.

On our website and on YouTube you have available different videos of the assembly of the videos, we leave you the example of assembly of the Moby dining table.

We do double control of the merchandise, in factory and warehouse. In all the places where we distribute our furniture we take special care with the temperature. The microclimate must meet the following parameters: indoor air temperature — from +2°С to +40°С, ideal — from +20°C to +23°С; relative air humidity - 40-70%. The temperature and humidity level must be adequate to store the furniture. Heavy merchandise always goes on pallets and packed to arrive in perfect condition. We collaborate with local companies in Madrid and Barcelona and with the number one company in the European Union - DB Schenker since we make shipments throughout Europe.

In the showrooms of Madrid y Barcelona  you can come to see and check the quality of the wood with which we make the furniture. It is always a pleasure that you visit us and be able to serve you! 


Rules for the operation and care of solid oak furniture

  • Solid oak furniture treated with bio-oils is environmentally friendly, safe for health and easy to restore (if necessary).
  • It is very IMPORTANT to leave the extending tables mounted for at least 7 days to acclimatize to the environment and adjust.
  • Do not use aggressive cleaning agents; protects the surface to prevent stains in the event of spilled drinks or other food; for renovation-repair, it is recommended to lightly sand the affected surface in the direction of the wood grain. Afterwards, it is necessary to completely remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner, apply bio-oil on a dry napkin or cloth and smear the affected surface of solid wood furniture with a thin layer.
  • Hot, wet objects can leave traces on the surface of a bio-oil treated matrix, so if liquid is spilled, it should be cleaned up immediately.
  • With lower air humidity, gaps and cracks may appear on the surfaces of furniture parts; with high air humidity, the wood can swell. Furniture should be placed at a distance of at least 50-70 cm from radiators and other heat sources to prevent warping of furniture panels. You should also avoid direct sunlight on solid wood furniture.
  • The front surfaces of products made of hardwoods, which have discrepancies in texture (fibers) are not manufacturing defects curls, eyes, false cores and other wood defects allowed by international standards that favorably distinguish it from synthetic material.


Oak wood furniture will serve you for many years, if you take care of it properly and follow the maintenance rules. Furniture must be used in accordance with its functional purpose.

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