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Solid wood coffee table as a focal point for your living room

Maria PG

Published on March 11 2022

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When is a table more than a table? When it's the center of attention. Tables are much more than a handy place to store used coffee cups and newspapers; they're a focal point that can give your living room a look like nothing else. 

No matter how beautiful it may be, a table whose size does not match that of its surroundings is going to look odd. A center table basically serves to "anchor" a room by filling the void created by the rest of the furniture. A small table in a huge room will look lost. A huge table in a tiny room will look overwhelming. Take a look around your room and evaluate the arrangement of your furniture.

Give your living room an unmistakable character with our coffee table. coffee table Kvadro. Original, sturdy and practical. Undoubtedly this is not just any table, but a piece of real wood in your living room with a design that will help you keep your living room tidy (two drawers) and that will not leave your guests indifferent.


Measure the exact size of the table that fits best. As a rule of thumb, a table about two-thirds the size of your sofa will be the most suitable, while, as for the position, leave a space of 30 to 50 centimeters between the table and the sofa, and 50 to 50 centimeters between the table and the TV cabinet, fireplace or other accessories.

This coffee table Escandi 4 coffee table is directly inspired by the design of the 1960s. The piece is made from solid oak and has two levels that allow you to make the best use of the surface and offer extra space for your favorite books and magazines. Undoubtedly, the protagonist of any living room.


While we're on the subject of size, it's worth noting that we're not just talking about width and length. The height of a table can make a big difference in its overall appearance (not to mention its functionality). To maintain balance, opt for a table that is the same height as the sofa's seat cushions, or no more than 5 centimeters lower.

Some people want a table to store TV remotes, others will want one to store clutter. It doesn't make sense to buy a small round table if you plan to use it for board games or if your child wants to use it for drawing. Think about what you need and buy what works best for you.

The Leo coffee table is a beautiful table crafted from solid European oak with a unique and versatile design. Together with our side table Sofi, you will create an authentic, homey and comfortable atmosphere.


Consider the style of the room. A coffee table is designed to anchor a room, to pull disparate pieces of furniture together to create a harmonious whole. Consider the textures, colors and overall style you have used in other parts of the room, and then choose a table that fits together easily.

Not only will you introduce a very functional piece into your living room, but you'll also add a gorgeous focal point that will tie the rest of your living room together perfectly.

Come and visit us in our showrooms in Madrid y Barcelona and visit our website Roble.Store and combine all the furniture you want We are waiting for you!

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