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New Mozaik Collection: furniture in wood, matte steel and tempered glass

Maria P.G.

Posted on April 01 2022

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La collection "Mozaik" It is made up of honey-colored oak wood furniture, with details in matte black steel, geometric drawings milled on the wood and showcases or sideboards with tempered glass. The whole furniture set will provide a simple and minimalist industrial style. Discover everything about the industrial style.

In the 2000s, industrial design was established in the television world. The industrial style was basically born from spaces such as old factories or warehouses that were converted into habitable homes. At its core, industrial style is about taking something old and giving it a second chance. Its aesthetic is simple and minimalist and that is why in Oak.Store we wanted to incorporate a new collection that offers the opportunity to give a more contemporary touch to your home.


La extendable dining table  Mozaik 40, with square matte black steel legs and extendable oak veneer top that brings modernity and design to your home. With the 60 cm extension top you can accommodate more people in your home. Compose your dining room by adding the achest of drawers "Mozaik 47" ideal to display your glassware, or any collection on its sides with a tempered glass door. If you add interior light, it will be the focus of attention in the room. It also has drawers for more storage. 

Showcase "Mozaik 15"



El TV cabinet "Mozaik 25" es perfect for storage thanks to the combination of open and closed shelves and drawers. With simple lines but unique details in matte black steel. If, on the other hand, you have a narrower space, we offer you the tv cabinet "Mozaik 24" 135cm long. Take a look at wall shelf "Mozaik 34" and the rest of the collection and create an ideal composition for your living room.


 To consolidate a true industrial style, we explain the characteristics to take into account:

- Discreet color combinations are made around darker tones (blacks, browns and greys) with lighter and more neutral accents.
- The open spaces with high ceilings that incorporate several living areas into one
- High-contrast combinations that often include polished and reclaimed or raw materials, such as glass and wood
- Intensive use of metals such as iron, steel, copper and brass
- Reclaimed wood paneling, exposed ductwork and architectural beams
- Textured surfaces, such as brick walls or concrete floors
- Elegant and modernized finishes combined with antique elements


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