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Round tables, the ideal choice for small spaces

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted June 10 2022

NordicStory muebles de madera maciza roble


En  Oak.Store we know that a round solid oak dining table is the perfect choice for Small spaces. The curved shapes, lacking the uncomfortable corners, free up the space and provide a feeling of spaciousness and movement to the room. We give you several examples and reasons why a round wooden table is the best option for a small dining room. 


  • A round dining table favors conversation and more welcoming environments are achieved.
  • With no headboards, none of the diners feel alienated from each other or miss out on interesting conversations.
  • For board games They are also the best option.
  • An advantage to keep in mind is that, by not having corners, accidental knocks are avoided, especially if there are children, and it allows you to move comfortably around it to take advantage of all the space.
  • In addition, its shape helps to delimit the space, and if you choose it in bleached oak, its light tone will reinforce the feeling of lightness and spaciousness. If you have the possibility of placing them next to the window, you will be able to reinforce that feeling of ease.
  • Dining tables that are less than 1 m in diameter are indicated for small spaces. They are perfect for taking advantage of corners, as their curved shapes adapt perfectly to them to create an intimate and comfortable space.

But what if you like to receive at home, but you do not have space for a large table that eats up the space on a day-to-day basis? Our tables are extendable! So you can open it only when you need it and you will do it very easily thanks to its leaf of butterfly extension.


Our dining table model of the Escandi collection, Made of solid oak wood, we have it available in 4 sizes and three colours, natural oak, bleached oak or dark oak (except Escandi 4 we do not make dark), so that choose the one that best suits your home. you can ask color samples. We also have the fixed table version. It has a timeless Nordic design and rounded legs that provide great visual lightness to the table.

  • La Scandi 6, is the smallest of all, with a diameter of 93 cm that extends to 123 cm.
  • La Scandi 3, with 100 cm in diameter and extendable to 130 cm. wave Scandi 3 fixed 100 cm in diameter.
  • La Scandi 5 110 cm in diameter extendable to 145 cm.
  • And the Scandi 4, 120 cm in diameter and extendable to 155 cm.  

Another option is our model Mobile phone numbery, a dining table with very sculptural legs that will be the center of attention, in solid oak wood also available in three colors and in two sizes, 100 cm diameter extendable to 140 cm, or 120 cm diameter extendable to 160 cm .


Visit our website Oak.Store and come see us at the showrooms of Madrid Barcelona  

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