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Mechanisms of extendable tables

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on April 29 2021

mesa redonda de madera maciza de roble extensible

The ecological furniture of the “Roble · Store” guarantees high quality and durability in the authentic Nordic style. All types of furniture are made of solid wood from the brands NordicStory y loftstory, who have long-lasting comfort habits and give a lot of quality of life. The Extendable Dining Tables in our collection are made of elegant solid oak and meet the requirements, above all, of reliable security in your home, thanks to noble materials and Scandinavian design. 

As we specialize in all types of oak furniture, we have several mechanisms of the Folding tables. We help you find the table with the most reliable and comfortable mechanism, which best suits your requirements at home. 

Before choosing one Extendable Dining Table, It is very important to assess and analyze the available space according to the required size.  

When making a purchase, measure the space in detail to calculate the size of the table you need. The extended length of the table must be taken into account. We advise you to leave at least 90 cm of extra space on each side of the table to place the set of dining chairs.

Types of Extendable Dining Table

First, let's take a look at the extension pieces on the table frame itself. You can choose according to different forms of varied design of the Extendable Dining Tables, but we also suggest some options for the extension piece that are most on the market today.


 Extension mechanism "Butterfly"

The “Mariposa” extension mechanism itself is very simple and comfortable to use and it should be noted that it is a sales leader, among all the most modern tables of this type that are available today. It has been approved and is reliable. The table legs are fixed. To unfold the table, we move the board and take out our "Butterfly". With this mechanism the surface area becomes 30-40% larger. On both sides of the table, below the tabletop are the safety pins. They are two plastic levers that for safety will prevent the table from opening. The table is assembled with the “Butterfly” mechanism from the factory. The customer will fix the legs, nothing more. 

How can you see the Extendable Tables of design: Moby Scandi 3Scandi 2France They are mounted with the same type of “Butterfly” mechanism.


extendable oak wood dining table

Extendable dining table "France"



extendable table in ecological and natural wood

Dining table "Escandi 3"


The Dining Table with the "Butterfly" extension mechanism is a quick, easy and above all comfortable and ideal way to host as many guests as you want, without taking up much space and when you open it more people can sit around it. The advantage of this turning mechanism is the high speed of table disassembly. Modern fixture and manufacturing technology allows customers to easily unfold the table, spending very little of their time, no more than a minute. The cleverly designed mechanism extension folds and swivels to fit inside the table, concealing itself when not in use. The inner rods that hold the extension are easy to use, as is the Extendable Table "Moby" thanks to this it is more resistant. With the "Butterfly" extension mechanism you never have to worry about storing extension sheets, as they fold easily on top of the table.


extendable natural wood table

Extendable dining table "Moby"



Table with central extension

The extension mechanism of this type of tables consists of making use of the central part of the tabletop that is stored in the lower part inside the table. It is a classic mechanism validated by many years of use. The table legs remain fixed. To extend the surface of the table, the tabletop is moved and the centerpiece is placed. On both sides of the table, below the tabletop are the safety pins. They are two plastic levers that for safety will prevent the table from opening.

extendable solid wood table

Extendable dining table "Harold"


Being practical and flexible in use, the central extension blade has the ability to double the number of seats. The extra sheet is kept close at hand, under the table when not in use. Therefore, if you need an additional space to eat, place the central extension that you will find inside the folding table. 


Sliding mechanism

The table "Marsi" it is unique. To unfold it, we pull the legs that have wheels and are easy to move. Inside the table is the sliding part that is fixed on the worktop. Made of solid wood, including the mechanism, which is reliable and unbreakable. It is ideal for small spaces, it can be placed next to a wall because it is not round.

small space table

Extendable dining table "Marsi"


The clever design means the table has no joints when you use it without extending. The table legs are always in the corners of the table, even when the table is extended, so there is plenty of room under the table for chairs. One person can quickly and smoothly spread the table before the guests arrive for a big party. The extra sheet is kept close at hand, under the table when not in use.


Twist and fold mechanism

En Oak.Store We only have one table that has the turning mechanism is "Mini 2"Therefore, when unfolding it, the width of the table changes, while in other cases only the length of the table is extended. To unfold the table, you have to turn the board and open it as if it were a book. It is a peculiar table so the tabletop is not fixed with clasps. Being a simple table, it is very fashionable. Rotate the table 180 degrees to unfold its other part. It is a technically very comfortable and easy-to-use option, but its design is not sophisticated. Choose the best for you!


folding extendable dining table

Extendable dining table "Mini 2"


Double table top 

The uniqueness of such an item is the simplicity of the mechanical components. Depending on the folding, the thickness of the table is almost double. To unfold it, it is more than enough to lift both wings by pulling to the sides. The central part of the board fits into the free space and is ready for use. The surface of such a table increases by almost 50%. You can use just one of them or both. Our table "Mini 1"  made of solid wood, it is unbreakable, long and narrow. It is ideal in narrow kitchens to nest it next to the wall.


eco-friendly natural wood dining table

Extendable dining table "Mini 1"


Other Best Selling Tables from Roble Store


Dining Table L2

It is an exceptional product with the extension mechanism of the German brand Poetiker. To unfold the table, we gently move its board to the side and remove the sliding extension part. On both sides of the table, below the tabletop are the safety pins. They are two plastic levers that for safety will prevent the table from opening. The elegant feature of the table is that there are no joints in the middle in the folded position. At first glance it does not appear to be an extendable table, however it unfolds in 2 minutes.

rustic style dining table for 8 - 10 people

Extendable dining table "L2"


XL table

It is our flagship product. The tabletop and legs move on this table. It is a table with three extension leaves. Everything is kept inside. It does not require any extra storage space. It can be used in its closed format and / or with 1, 2 or with the 3 sheets unfolded. In the unfolding position, the table has 4 legs; When unfolding the leaves, 2 additional legs automatically come out from the inside of the main legs. The maximum length is 2 meters 80 cm. We call it the large family table. The mechanism of the German brand Poetiker moves smoothly thanks to the wheels on the legs.

 solid oak wood dining table

Extendable dining table "XL"


Mauritz 1 dining table

I was wondering if our customers would like this type of table, but we were right. It is an exceptional table. The style is rustic: the legs are powerful and robust. The mechanism is in the old style, possibly not as comfortable as the modern ones, it also has a wooden accessory that is stored separately and IS NOT STORED INSIDE THE TABLE. It is the only model that does not allow the extension sheet to be stored under the table. We know that it is not entirely comfortable, but, at the same time, the table in the closed position looks beautiful and it shows that it is of exquisite quality and very resistant. Massive legs and rustic design are in vogue in Spain. It includes an extension blade, but the design allows it to be installed from either side. The gaps are closed with plugs that are uncovered when it is necessary to put the extension blade.

solid oak wood table

Extendable dining table "Mauritz 1"

Tips for Choosing an Extendable Table


Before making a purchase, the following must be taken into account:

  • Measure the space. It is important to analyze the space available for a folded table and see how it would fit in with the interior design. If you choose the dimensions properly, the article can always be used in the assembled form and it is convenient to fold the table for the arrival of the guests. And it is not worth it, to pay a high price for a huge board that is not going to be well enjoyed. 
  • Evaluate the functionality of the product. It is necessary to analyze whether the increase in the surface of the board is sufficient during the gathering with family and friends. You can also see some additional possibilities that are comfortable in use such as drawers for storing cutlery, small shelves for napkins and other trifles. 
  • Check the quality of the materials and accessories with which the table is made. If the components are not reliable enough, the structure can break down quickly. So you don't need to chase low cost and spend money on short-lived products.

The more you think hard about buying an extendable dining table, then the longer it will last, pleasing hosts and guests with the opportunity to have a good time at dinners and table conversations. For this same reason, the online store Oak.Store does everything possible, so that the customer can buy the best for their money. Do not hesitate to contact our sales representative, together with the professional sales manager they can advise you in detail about each model of the article, we are also at your disposal to explain the advantages and disadvantages, give advice on the best way to fit the furniture in the interior. Cooperation with us will make your home cozy and comfortable for everyday life!

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