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Solid oak wood furniture combinations for small houses

Maria P.G.

Posted on April 13 2022

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The tables Mini1, Mini2 y Marsi These are some examples of small extendable tables that can best fit into your small home. We also have the model Scandi extendable round dining table in different dimensions and the fixed table lemsiwood that can serve as a kitchen table and as an addition to circumstantially extend a rectangular dining table.


If you have a small house with limited storage, you have to be smart when choosing furniture. Today there are many possibilities of being able to combine extendable furniture, with extra storage and all of them in solid oak wood.

One of the requirements of small houses is the use of space with folding or extendable furniture. In general, the furniture with these characteristics is the dining room or kitchen tables, but it is also important to find the right and necessary measurements for the rest of the furniture in our home.

For micro bedrooms, one of the best options is to take advantage of the space under the bed. The Sofía model provides us with a set of rest with six drawers where you can store your things. In turn, you can use the Sofia headboard-shelf and thus avoid putting extra furniture in the room.

Along the same lines, don't forget how useful your walls can be. The busiest small houses inside tend to be the ones with walls that were designed to play a vital role.

The more items you can hang or store on the wall, the less clutter you'll have on your wall. dressers or dressers. This means less clutter. But also think about the space you would need in the drawers for your utensils, when it would be much more efficient to store them vertically.

Any wall that doesn't serve a practical purpose should be turned into a bookshelf. In this way, it will be put to good use, if only to store some books or tools.

If you have a wall that is very empty but it is in a narrow area, you can play with the modular furniture of the different collections such as the Scandi, hilt y Combo and create a fun storage space.

A good tip is to keep "clutter" below waist level in your tiny house. This will give you a greater sense of space and allow you to move without your shoulders and arms constantly bumping into things.

La mozaik collection It combines wood and steel. If you want to give your living room a more industrial touch, take a look at the smaller pieces of furniture to complete the room according to your needs.


Un booth It can be very useful and multifunctional. From using it to eat at the table as for your entrance or when you gather more people. 

The variety of shoe racks and coat racks They also help us keep order in a discreet and simple way.

If you are not sure about the measurements you need or what the furniture will occupy in your home, we recommend putting adhesive tape on the areas where you will put the furniture, so you can get an idea of ​​how comfortable it will be to move around the house.

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