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Nordic style in the living room, how to achieve it?

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on December 29 2022

NordicStory muebles de madera maciza roble estilo nordico escandinavo

Nordic living rooms are very nice because they achieve a modern and warm atmosphere, so this style of decoration will help you to have a space that stands out for its beauty and originality.

However, it is important to carefully select the elements that will make up your living room, such as a television cabinet. Nordic style  so that it goes with the decorative line you have chosen.

 Nordicstory solid wood tv cabinet nordic scandinavian oak

                                              Nordic Story TV cabinet "Wardi" 

The mid century furniture They are also very good for achieving a Nordic style because they provide that vintage touch that characterizes this decoration so much. A stylish wooden tv stand Scandinavian helps you improve the design of the room to achieve a wonderful result as well.

Decoration keys for a Nordic-style living room

The Nordic style in the living room is very easy to achieve, you just need to incorporate the appropriate elements that are part of this decoration. Like, for example, a wooden tv cabinet, or a wooden dining table with glass.

natural wood

One of the protagonists of Nordic decoration is natural wood. In this sense, a oak tv cabinet It is very appropriate because it fits perfectly with the tones with which you are going to decorate the room.

For this reason it is that a wooden tv cabinet It is excellent for the Nordic style, because it is functional and at the same time provides that touch of natural wood that makes your living room stand out.

You can also opt for wooden or parquet floors, and choose the other elements of the room in light tones.

NordicStory solid wood furniture oak Scandinavian Nordic style

NordicStory Scandi Collection 

White and grayscale

The shades of the elements in your dining room are also essential to achieve a Nordic style. In this case, neutral tones such as white or a gray scale are the key to achieving a Nordic living room.

Un oak wood tv cabinet It is perfect because it is a light-toned wood, and it perfectly complements the white or gray tones that you include on the walls or floors. If you want to enhance the effect of your decoration, include a solid wood tv cabinet in light tones.

Natural fabrics

To enhance the luminosity of your room, it is preferable that you opt for a mixture of natural materials. For example, choose a natural wood tv cabinetl, a braided puff, and some natural fabric armchairs, to enhance the feeling of naturalness in the space.

Nordic Story tv cabinet solid wood oak Scandinavian Nordic style

Nordic Story TV cabinet "Merle 1"

Other materials that are part of the Nordic style are metal and steel. However, they are not protagonists. This means that you can include metallic details in your living room furniture, with a nordic style tv cabinet, and some chairs in pastel or copper tones to create a nice contrast.


The wooden tv furniture are an essential part of your decoration, that's why you should choose nordic tv furniture o modern tv cabinets but that they follow the Scandinavian line or light tones.

A wood and glass dining table with Nordic chairs, and a wooden tv stand They achieve a great result for your Nordic decoration.

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