Nordic flavor from ROBLE.STORE
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Nordic flavor from ROBLE.STORE

Dinara Shangerey

Published on September 22 2021

Solid oak coffee table Nordic


Our Collection dTV Furniture Collection is very varied with many options to create an ideal entertainment space in your home, both for a small apartment or for a large living room, or living room, where you are gathered at ease with your whole family. The Nordic Collection NordicStory Collection is designed to be customized with furniture pieces that have a rugged, rustic blend of minimalist and bohemian styles .

The Nordic TV cabinet TV cabinet includes adjustable shelves, soft-closing and soft-opening doors, with two spacious drawers for storage. Its discreet spaces allow you to hide unsightly wires from your electronic devices.

All our TV furniture from Oak.Store is a Nordic style charm. 


Solid oak TV stand Nordic


A Nordic style sideboard with plenty of storage space. The Nordic 1 solid oak dresser is an authentic piece to complete the decoration and storage in the living room. 

This sideboard, which stands out for the original design with drawers adds a lot of storage space and gives a lot of style to your living room. In addition, its surface is used to create a composition of pictures and decorative objects, vases with flowers that gives a lot of life. It offers great versatility of storage and its design in whitewashed and oak wood is very elegant visually.


Sideboard Nordic 1 solid oak chest of drawers


If you have a special piece, the Nordic 2 solid oak dresser and chest of drawers in a bleached tone, find a prominent place in the living room for it to have prominence and fit perfectly. 


Sideboard Nordic 2 solid oak chest of drawers


This Nordic 3 solid oak dresser chest of drawers combines a sober Nordic design with plenty of storage space, thanks to its lower cabinet and its three drawers that use the entire width of the cabinet with its square lines on the sides. 

Take advantage of a wall in your living room with a perfect sideboard, which offers plenty of horizontal storage, with its central part drawers and two interior spaces with doors. 


Sideboard Nordic 3 solid oak chest of drawers


The bleached tone of our furniture gives a soft, elegant, cozy touch, expands the home, brightens every room, relaxes the body. The oak wood pieces give a lot of warmth, balancing the temperature of the whole environment .

Create with Roble.Store a clean space where order, harmony and elegance are palpable. 

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