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Trends in room decoration for couples

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on January 07 2023

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A couple's room has to be that special place where both can rest, but at the same time it must have a touch of joy and freshness to make it a pleasant space.

To achieve this, it is necessary to follow the best trends that allow you to decorate your room and give it the best look.

clean walls

The new decoration trends for double rooms are focusing on having clean walls, that is, they are not overloaded with too many decorative accessories.

As for the paintings that you are going to place on the walls, it is preferable to opt for paintings with a vintage aesthetic or abstract art, since they are very fashionable.

The best thing about keeping the space light is that you can include functional furniture, such as a bedside table with drawers and the place will continue to look nice.

Natural materials

When it comes to furniture for your room, opt for an oak nightstand o natural wood bedside tables, because natural and local materials will continue to rise.

NordicStory bedside table solid wood oak Nordic Scandinavian style

Solid wood bedside table "Escandi"

Materials such as glass, ceramic and wood are the protagonists, and best of all, they are appropriate for any style of decoration, so if you are looking for a industrial nightstand you will be in trend You can get carried away by one nightstand offer as long as it is made of a natural and local material.

Neutral colors

Rooms with vibrant and ornate colors are no longer in trend, on the contrary, it is preferable to use neutral colors for the walls, ceilings, and furniture. The best are earth tones, sand, gray, and try to keep other ranges of the same color in the room.

So, if you opt for a gray tone, you should look for solid wood nightstands They create a nice contrast. A oak table It can be a good alternative because it is a natural color that will combine perfectly with almost any range.

On the other hand, the other trend in terms of colors leans towards powdery tones, specifically pinks, greens or blues in warm ranges. so that one wood nightstand It will look perfect as a complement.

Lamps with personality

The lamps should no longer be of a classic style, but you should look for one with a lot of personality to place it on your nordic bedside table o tu high nightstand.

NordicStory solid oak wood lamp

Mr. Wattson Lamp

The nordic bedside tables together with a vintage lamp they will give a timeless touch to your room, making it look more sophisticated. Look for designer pieces when you go to buy bedside tables and lamps that are icons of previous times to have a room with a good look. As our Mr. Wattson lamp is an iconic handmade LED lamp that fuses an ash wood body with the 1946 Vespa-inspired headlight.

wooden occasional furniture

When dealing with modern nightstands, wood is still the preferred material. Choose wooden nightstands pine, acacia, chestnut, among others.

NordicStory solid wood night side table oak e

Side table "Sofi"

So, if you want to renew your bedroom and give it style, look for nordic style bedside tables that are made of natural wood and not conglomerate. A natural wood nightstand will be the perfect touch, but don't overload, instead look for quality over quantity.

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