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The children's room

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on December 15 2022

NordicStory Scandinavian nordic style solid oak beds


When it comes to choosing furniture for a children's room, it is important to consider that children need to have a space that is comfortable for them and where they feel at ease.

For this reason, it is important to evaluate all available options, and make sure to include furniture that is practical and useful.

On the other hand, it is also important to consider the style of decoration that will be imposed in the room, because this will allow to choose furniture that integrate well with each other and thus have a result that is pleasing to the eye.

NordicStory solid oak desk Nordic Scandinavian style

NordicStory desk "Axel II". 

Oak furniture for children's room

It is common knowledge that children are not very careful with things. For this reason, it is important to choose furniture that is made of strong, durable materials that will withstand the use that will be made of them in the room.

NordicStory Scandinavian nordic style solid oak beds

NordicStory Judith bed

If you're looking to make a good investment, then solid oak furniture is perfect for a child's room.

Among the advantages of this type of furniture are the following:

  • They are resistant: oak is a natural material that is very hard, so it is difficult for it to break or wear easily. Therefore, oak pieces will have less evidence of damage, so they are recommended for rooms where there is a lot of activity, such as in the children's room.
  • They are versatile: if you want the children's room to have a single line of design, then oak furniture is the best, since you can find a variety of furniture made with this type of material.
  • Timeless design: oak furniture never goes out of style, so it will grow with your children without you having to worry about having a room that is out of trend.
  • Low maintenance: in a children's room you need to include furniture that does not wear out easily, but also does not require high maintenance. That's why oak furniture is perfect, since you only need to wipe it down with a cloth to dust it.

The best furniture for children's bedrooms

At Oak.Store we have the best oak furniture made with solid wood to be the best investment piece of your home.

Among the most recommended furniture for a children's room are the following:

  • Oak bedsA beautiful 90 cm oak bed is perfect for children to sleep in maximum comfort. Best of all, there are several models to choose from depending on the child's needs. This type of oak beds bring elegance and sophistication to the room.
  • Oak desksIn the children's room it will always be useful to place a solid oak desk so that they can do their homework and study in total comfort.
  • Oak bedside tables: in the children's room you can not miss a nice bedside table, to place a lamp or to serve as an additional storage space.

NorcisStory solid wood bedside table Scandinavian nordic style


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