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Tips for furnishing a small house

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on January 30 2023

NordicStory muebles de madera maciza de roble estilo nordico

A small house can be very cozy and nice for a family, but sometimes decorating it can be quite a challenge.

Whether it is a small apartment, a Loft, or a flat in the center of the city, you can turn that small space into a very beautiful environment and even make it look bigger.

Decorate with mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best secrets to furnish your small house and make it look bigger. This is because they are able to reflect light and also make the space look better.

To place your mirrors strategically, you must consider the best location that will help you amplify the space. Mirrors are best seen in front of windows or doors, and are not recommended for the sides of a hallway or the narrowest spaces in the house.

Choose large furniture

Even if the house is small, it does not mean that you have to buy small furniture. You must choose furniture that is practical and comfortable, so the correct strategy is not to buy smaller furniture but rather to buy less furniture.

You better have one solid wood side table of normal size, and that you do not overload the room with more things or with accessories that are not necessary.

If you buy small furniture, what you will be achieving will be a feeling that the house is smaller. So the secret is to choose fewer items based on fundamental priorities and furnishings.

Neutral colors

Light colors are the best allies to decorate a house. It is preferable that you opt for furniture made of natural materials in neutral colors, for example, a living room side table in a light shade it is perfect because it can be combined with any other element.

NordicStory side table solid oak wood Nordic Scandinavian style

NordicStory Side table "Sofi"

So it is best that the walls and ceilings of your house are white, and that you play with the contrast that the furniture creates in the place. For example, you can include wooden side tables or complementary items in saturated tones to make the space look more vibrant.

light furniture

Another trick to furnish your small house is to choose furniture that has legs, that is, that does not touch the ground. Believe it or not, one side wooden table with legs makes the room look bigger because you are not setting a boundary on the place.

As long as you can see the floor under your furniture, you will have the unconscious feeling that the space is larger.

However, this does not mean that each and every one of your furniture must have legs. Large furniture such as sofas or beds can reach the floor, but combine them with other furniture that does have legs.

Free the center of the room

Finally, to furnish your small house you must take into account a very important detail, and that is that you should not place any element in the center of the room.

Make sure the site is clear because this will help you achieve a spacious effect. Instead of placing a table in front of the sofa, use a side table instead.

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