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New Fain collection. Oak solid wood living room furniture

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on Feb 06 2023

NordicStory muebles de madera maciza roble estilo nordico escandinavo

Faina is the most modern collection that Roble.Store has, made of solid oak wood, has elegant designs. These are one of those pieces of furniture that look good anywhere you place them and will catch the eye of your guests.

This collection is characterized by its rounded edges and a sober design. But, in addition, it combines wood with glass in a harmonious way that further highlights its beauty. It is made up of eight different pieces of furniture made to adapt to any need you may have at home.

Furniture from the Faina collection

The furniture that makes up this new Faina collection is as follows.

floating wardrobe

This is a covered floating cabinet as it has a door and it looks quite elegant. Whether it is to be placed in a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room, it will be a great option. Its measurements are 45 x 42 x 127,2 centimeters.

NordicStory floating wardrobe solid oak Scandinavian Nordic style

NordicStory floating wardrobe "Faina 1"

Showcase with glass (Faina 1)

This is a good size closet. since it measures 60 x 42 x 194 x 6 centimeters. They have a good amount of space to store anything you need. In the central part, you will have two compartments covered in glass, ideal for displaying things. Additionally, at the bottom and top, you will have other additional compartments.

NordicStory Cabinet glass cabinet solid oak wood

NordicStory Showcase "Faina 1"

Showcase with glass (Faina 2)

This cabinet is a larger version of the previous version, it is almost twice as large with measurements of 100 x 45 x 194,6 cm. Likewise, the central part is made up of two glass-covered compartments, ideal for storing something you want to display.

NordicStory display cabinet with glass solid oak wood

NordicStory showcase "Faina 2"

Showcase with glass (Faina 2.1)

This is a closet which has a lot of space despite not being very big, so you can store a lot of things. It is very elegant and has its ends with glass compartments. Its measurements are 100 x 45 x 131 centimeters.
NordicStory display cabinet with glass solid oak

NordicStory showcase "Faina 2.1"

Floating TV cabinet

This is a small, but beautiful solid wood cabinet to place a TV or whatever you want. It is floating, so its size is smaller and has a size of 180 x 45 x 32 centimeters. Ideal for those who do not have enough space.

NordicStory floating tv cabinet solid oak wood

NordicStory floating tv stand "Faina"

Wardrobe with glass (Faina 3)

A beautiful cabinet display cabinet, in which each end has two glass compartments. These are ideal for placing things you want to display, such as trophies, your cup collection, or any other ornament. In the central part there is an oak door with extra compartments. Its measurements are 180 x 45 x 32 centimeters, so it is quite large.

NordicStory Showcase with mirror solid wood oak nordic style

NordicStory Showcase "Faina 3"

Wall shelf

The wall shelf in this collection is quite simple, but it looks really elegant. It is an oak wood backrest, and a small glass shelf. The measurements it has are 180 x 26 x 31,2 centimeters. It is ideal for placing some flower pots, photographs and other small things.

NordicStory solid oak wood shelf shelf

NordicStory shelf "Faina"

TV Stand

The TV cabinet is made entirely of solid oak wood and measures 180 x 53 x 36 centimetres. It is ideal for placing a TV up to 80 inches. The wood is of high quality, so you will have a really durable piece of furniture.

NordicStory solid wood tv cabinet nordic style oak

NordicStory tv cabinet "Faina"

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