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How to care for oak furniture

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on January 11 2023

Nordic Story solid oak furniture in Nordic style

Oak furniture is the best for your home because it has a natural finish. natural finish and a color that is very pleasing to the eye and matches almost any style.

However, it is important to take good care of them to extend their life and keep them looking beautiful in your home.

For this, it is important that you consider all the necessary care required by a material as delicate as oak, because if you do something inappropriate you can end up damaging it and this is not what you want.

Nordic Story solid oak furniture in Scandinavian Nordic style

So you need to follow the best tips for caring for your oak furniture to ensure it looks like new no matter how many years go by.

How to clean oak furniture?

The cleaning of natural oak must be done with great care.very carefully. If you have an oak bookcase, dresser or table, follow the tips we have below:

  • Use a feather duster or soft microfiber cloth (lint-free) to remove the polo when you do your daily cleaning.Nordic Story care solid oak furniture
  • Always clean delicately and without rubbing, following the grain direction.
  • You can use a soft, slightly damp cloth, but then dry with a soft, dry cloth to avoid wetting the wood.
  • Never use harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, ammonia or acetone-based products.

In addition, to keep your oak furniture moisturized, it is recommended that you apply an jojoba and beeswax to insulate it from humidity and keep your furniture moisturized.Nordic Story care of solid oak furniture

Protect your oak furniture

Cleaning is not the only way to maintain oak furniture. oak furniture in good in good condition. You also need to protect them against external agents that can affect them.

Humidity and heat are the main enemies of natural wood because they can cause irreparable damage.

It is important that the space where you have your oak furniture has a low humidity, because excess water can damage the furniture. It is therefore recommended that you install a dehumidifier in the room during rainy days.

As for heat, it is essential that you keep your oak wood furniture away from heat and out of direct sunlight.

Nordic Story tung oil for solid oak furniture care

The heat can damage the wax or varnish of the furniture and also diminish its brightness and color. Likewise, it is recommended that you do not place hot containers on the wood.

General care of oak furniture

Your oak furniture needs to be cared for and treated as it deserves, since being a natural element it is susceptible to damage by external agents. Therefore, you should follow general recommendations to preserve them:

  • If you are going to serve drinks, use a coaster or tablecloth and do not place glasses or cups directly on the furniture.
  • Do not drag any object or element on the surface because you can damage the wood.
  • If you are going to move the furniture, remember that it is fragile so you must move it carefully. Use gloves and be very cautious to avoid twisting that can cause it to malfunction.

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