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Uses you can give to your side table

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on September 28 2022

NordicStory Mesa de noche, mesita auxiliar, madera maciza roble

Side tables are a key part of any décor, no matter what style you choose for your space. However, sometimes it becomes difficult for us to determine the use that we will give it, so we can have a solid wood side table which is not functional.

In this sense, it is important to have furniture at home that adds a nice touch to the decoration but at the same time is useful. A good example is the nordic style bedside tables, which add that elegant touch to your room and are practical.

If you have a living room side table or a oak coffee table and you don't know what to do with it, here are some options:

Night tables

A small side table can double as a nightstand, just pick one that suits your bedroom decor and needs. The positive is that there are many options to choose from, such as wooden nightstands, nordic bedside tables, modern nightstands and many more.

NordicStory side table solid wood bedside table

Side table in solid oak "Sono 2"

For example, if you want to store several objects like books or others, you can search for a nightstand drawers so that you have compartments that make it easier for you to have your room tidy.

As for the materials, there is the oak bedside table which is usually light in color and works very well for a Nordic style, or the natural wood bedside tables that are perfect for a country-style bedroom.

NordicStory rustic oak wood bedside table

"Escandi" solid oak wood bedside table

If you want a more elegant design, you can opt for a high nightstand or a industrial nightstand.

Coffee table

An side wooden table You can use it as a coffee table to be the protagonist of the room. In this case you can experiment, since you can opt for a oak bedside table large for the center, or even a trio of side tables if space allows.

NordicStory Nordic Scandinavian oak solid wood coffee table

Nesting center or side tables "Escandi 2"

You can even get one offer bedside tables and use them as coffee tables, depending on their dimensions and design.

Outdoor tables

Auxiliary tables are very versatile, so you can place them in places you would never have imagined. For example, you can buy bedside tables and actually place them in the garden or on the patio, as long as the design matches the place or it looks nice.

So one wood nightstand is not limited to just your bedroom space, but can work great as wooden side tables outside of your home.

side tables

Our solid wood nightstands you can place them on the sides of the chairs or sofas, and thus you will obtain a complete design in your space. So the oak side tables They are that perfect complement that your living room or dining room lacks to achieve the decoration style you have in mind.

NordicStory Nightstand Sofi Solid Wood Natural Oak

Solid wood side or night table "Sofi" 

An nordic bedside table used as a side table it can serve to put lamps, a book, photographs, or simply to complement the space. In this sense, opt for a natural wood bedside table since it is a material that is very pleasant with almost any style of decoration.

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