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How to organize your shoes if you have little space

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on October 02 2022

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When we live in a small space it becomes difficult for us to store our belongings and keep them organized. But, living in a small house or apartment should not be an obstacle to adapt the place and make it comfortable and practical.

One of the most complicated aspects for many is knowing where to organize our shoes, since many times they end up under the bed and this is not the most appropriate.

NordicStory shoe cabinet solid oak Scandi

Nordostost shoe rack solid oak Scandi

So we can take advantage of certain tricks and solutions like buy shoe rack to make our house more tidy according to our needs.

Here we have the best tips for you to easily organize your shoes in a small space.

Do a general cleaning

Before buy shoe rack online and start organizing your shoes, the first thing you should do is take an inventory of everything you have and get rid of those you don't use.

Find all the shoes you have in the house and put them all in one place. Then check which ones you use regularly and which ones you no longer want to use because they're broken, out of season, or you don't like them anymore. Those that are in poor condition can be donated and those that are no longer useful can be thrown away.

Once you have an idea of ​​how many shoes you have, it's time to search shoe rack furniture to help you organize them in a small space.

Where to organize your shoes in a small space?

Buy wooden shoe cabinet It is the ideal solution to order everything, but first you must determine the best place to place it.

Behind the door

If you live in a small space, a shoe cabinet located behind the door is the best option to keep everything tidy and easy to access. Some shoe racks come with brackets and beams that you can easily install to keep all of your shoes in one place.

In the closet

The closet is the most obvious place to store your shoes, but sometimes it can't be that simple, so if you don't know how to organize them, it can end up looking even more messy.

In this sense, a solid wood shoe rack can be a good alternative. There are several options that you can choose from and that do not take up much space. For example, there are some shoe racks that are foldable and others are in the form of drawers, so they are very practical.

Under the bed

You can store your shoes under the bed, but first you must formalize this space with a Shoe cabinet.

NordicStory solid wood bed with drawers

NordicStory Sofia model bed with drawers

The truth is that you can adapt accessories or buy boxes or organizers to make this space the ideal storage and make it impeccable and effective for all your shoes.

With these shoe racks you can protect them from dust and they will make the space look more organized.

In the hall

A good option to organize your shoes are the shoe racks for entrances. Whether your entryway is small or even a hallway, you can buy a wooden shoe bench to leave your shoes when you enter or order the ones you use most frequently there.


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