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Scandinavian interior design trends you NEED to know by 2020

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on April 29 2020

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Time for a new look

Therefore, you want to update the look of your living space, but you are not sure where to start or what style you want to incorporate.

Maybe you need new furniture. You will have to decide between fabric and leather, or something more minimal.

Are you interested in updating your color schemes? What do you want to transmit? Most people want to go with a neutral color scheme, something that is not too jarring. Here's a hint, light blue is a great contrast color for this season.

Beyond color schemes and furniture, you also need to figure out what kind of atmosphere you want your environment to have. Some families choose to make their living rooms without technology and others want the most minimalist furniture possible, is our example Escandi collection.

A quick search for "interior design ideas" could cause anxiety for anyone: the ideas and options are almost endless. But for our tastes and interests, we love the design, style and aesthetics of Scandinavian design.

What is Scandinavian Design?

Scandinavian interior design has been a popular and influential part of design since the early XNUMXs. Unique design ideas and trends still come from that Nordic region of the world and change the way rooms around the world are decorated.

These are just a few of those Scandinavian interior, decor and furniture What can you expect in 2020 and more ahead?


One thing that is common in most design trends is having a "balanced" lifestyle. This is something that stands out when redesigning any room, in Sweden they do it naturally.

But what exactly is LAGOM? Well, LAGOM means "finding the right amount," which is an approach to life. Basically, it means neither too little nor too much: "fair".

This means living a clutter-free lifestyle, but not so much that you feel like you have to get rid of something. The point is that you feel good and balanced.

 Incorporate storage in your decoration

Another wonderful Scandinavian design trend is the use of storage furniture as the focal point of your design scheme. Under normal circumstances, this furniture is a bit boring, but with a little ingenuity, you can make anyone want to copy your style. You can use anything from what was once a boring clothes basket to clothes racks to add functional design to your living spaces.

comfortable oak wood sideboard

Accentuate with bold blue colors

What is the perfect accent color? Well, a Scandinavian favorite is blue. Brilliant blue is often used to highlight brilliantly. A monochromatic scheme is fine, but putting on that bright blue rug to contrast the white walls could be a wonderful addition.

Use gray colors for your walls

Grayscale has always had a special place in Scandinavian decoration. Surely you have seen the black and white color scheme done many times before and it may have been over the top. It is a great thing, then, that gray walls become popular again. This is a great way to get the same appeal that comes with monochrome design schemes without such stark contrast.

Add something to the gray walls, white floors, and black furniture to create a balanced monochrome look. Choosing a perfect area rug will really finish the look and bring the room together.

 oak wood TV cabinet

Avoid technology

Nowadays, people are really concerned about being without technology. Some family vacations even focus on that, moving away from technology and reconnecting with loved ones. This is also a way to balance yourself, just like the LAGOM lifestyle mentioned above.

Having areas of the house, even if it's just a room, designated as non-tech areas is a great way to get the same effect in your own home. This allows you to create a truly personalized space. By eliminating distractions from computers, phones, and television, you can make the atmosphere warmer and more welcoming. These spaces are good to relax after a long day in a hectic and technological world. You do not have to stay with a single room either, but we recommend that the room has the least possible technology. Several studies show that technology in the bedroom takes away sleep, affects weight gain, affects love life and more.

Use whimsical lighting fixtures

Another popular trend coming out of Scandinavia is the use of a whimsical lighting and fanciful. Asian lamps, like giant paper lanterns, inspire many of these. My favorite place for these is around the dining room table. These create a lighter and happier environment for family dinners.

Add the wooden slats

You can cover one of your walls with wooden slats to give it a serene and subtle feeling. This design doesn't have to be overdone, it just takes one wall to change the feel of a room.

Use simple art

We have already mentioned how monochromatic color schemes and simplistic style are used in Scandinavian decoration and that is why the works of art are no different. Monochrome works of art have been on the rise, in both Scandinavian and American designs. Choosing the right wall art is a puzzle for most amateur designers, but you can't go wrong with black and white photography or monochrome images.

Scandinavian design has long set trends, paving the way for many designers. Whether you want all your furniture and decorations are monochromatic or want to lay down one of those bright blue rugs, you can't go wrong with these Scandinavian interior design trends for next year.

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