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5 reasons to buy a round table for the dining room

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on April 26 2020

NordicStory Mesa  de comedor redonda madera maciza

1. Space

If you have a small dining room, please note that the roundtables take up less space. They have a smaller surface area than their rectangular counterparts, so they will fit in narrower spaces much more easily.

2. Appearance

Round tables have a way of drawing the eye and pulling on the surrounding elements. The circular design can help make the table look more anchored in the room and can often seem more like a centerpiece, although this is sometimes more affected by other factors such as positioning and color. Check our dining table Moby.

 3 Capacity

Round tables are limited in size, while rectangular tables have a much larger capacity. But you can also get extending tables if you want the option for big numbers without having a big table on the go all the time.

4. Social elements

Round tables make conversation easier because everyone has the same ability to speak to anyone else.

If you like to play board games, a round table might be the best option for you. They all have the same access to the board and there is no one who cannot reach which creates a better gaming experience. Check out our dining table Upwind.

Round tables also feel more informal. There is no head of the table, so it gives a feeling of greater equality and enhances the dining experience.

5. Security

The rectangular tables they can present a danger to children. Whether toddlers are learning to walk or energetic kids are carrying, round tables don't have sharp corners that otherwise pose a risk. Check our dining table Scandi 3.

It's not just kids who bump into the corners of the table, either - most adults know the feel of a bruised hip or thigh when walking on the edge of a table!

In Oak.Store You can find several models of the tables and choose yours!


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