The best dining table extension mechanism
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The best dining table extension mechanism

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on April 11 2021

NordicStory Scandinavian Nordic oak solid wood dining table


Since ancient times, the round shape has been considered a symbol of infinity and unity for families, gathering our loved ones around this geometric shape. For this reason, we would like to present our Round Table from the Escandí Escandí collection. An extendable table made of solid wood to make the atmosphere of your home more pleasant. 

The extension mechanism is already semi-assembled at the factory and folds up easily and conveniently, so the customer only needs to screw the table legs together. On the underside of the table there are safety fasteners to secure the table top. 


 NordicStory solid wood oak dining table


In the product description there is an explanatory video of the assembly, we care about the comfort of our customers and we want to make it easy to install so you can enjoy the furniture as soon as possible. 

Another advantage of this system is that the extension leaf does not need to be stored separately. The table in the closed position is 100 cm x 100 cm, which is ideal for 3 people and comfortable, does not take up much space and can be stored in a small space. In the case of a family event, the open table has dimensions of 130 cm x 100 cm and will allow you to invite 2 additional guests to enjoy those happy moments with your family and friends. We can also offer this model in larger dimensions: Escandi 4. 


NordicStory round extending table in solid oak wood


All Escandí tables have a slim and elegant design, the rounded shape of the legs and its edge finish gives it a retro touch of elegance that characterizes the authentic Scandinavian style. The edge of the table is lined with a cut edge. See the photo on the product website. On the outside it provides warmth simplicity and at the same time a lot of style, it becomes a piece of furniture that we all want to have in our home. Thus, it is our Round Table of high quality, inside measures 2.5 cm.

NordicStory round dining table solid wood


Although this Round Table looks very light as if it were a floating table, in reality it is very high quality, stable and sturdy and weighs about 30kg. The natural oak furniture is long lasting in use and very sustainable due to the quality of the Escandí wood. 

As the wood itself is finished with the eco-friendly 100% Tung oilthe extraordinary texture and honey color are preserved. The table is not varnished to convey the texture of the original wood and remains a 100% eco-friendly piece of furniture.  

As an option, you can use wax for additional protection or make your own light matte shade. One of the advantages of purchasing natural wood furniture is that it can always be repainted is that it can always be repainted and modified to your preferred shade. Chipboard and melamine furniture, once damaged, cannot be recovered. 


NordicStory Solid oak furniture in Scandinavian Nordic design


   Click here to be directed to all NordicStory NordicStory brand extendable tables. No matter what shape or color, every table we offer will be listed on these pages. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us by WhatsApp, phone or email.


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