New Moritz collection in solid oak wood and metal legs
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New Moritz collection

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on November 05 2022

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St. Moritz is a new collection that Roble.Store has to offer to its customers. It is crafted by NordicStory and is a small, yet elegant collection that will look great in any room.

Everything is crafted from solid oak wood, so you will be sure that they are of top quality. In addition, they are decorated with gray colored glass, which makes it look much more elegant. The legs of this furniture are made of black painted metal, which gives it stability and a touch of color.

Furniture in the Moritz collection

The following is a brief description of the furniture that makes up the Moritz collection.

TV cabinet

This TV cabinet has a more compact size, since it is only 150 x 45 x 51.3 centimeters, but do not be fooled, as you can store many things. It has three compartments, two with wooden door and the central one with glass door. You can store a lot of things in these, as they are quite spacious.

NordicStory nordic oak solid wood tv cabinet

NordicStory TV cabinet "Moritz".

In the upper part, you can place the TV and you will have space for a TV up to 60 inches without it protruding to the sides. It is ideal to place in the living room and enjoy with the family.

Sideboard dresser (Moritz 1)

The dresser is a wider piece of furniture than the cabinet, so you will have a little more space. It measures 100 x 40 x 124.9 centimeters, so it will allow you to store some larger objects.

NordicStory dresser dresser solid wood oak nordic scandinavian

NordicStory Dresser or sideboard "Mauritz 1".

It is made of solid oak wood and comes in a choice of two colors so you can choose the one that best suits your design. It also has a long compartment covered with glass, ideal for you to store trophies, photos or anything else you consider.

Sideboard dresser (Moritz 2)

This is another, slightly larger version of the chest of drawers, ideal for those who need a little more space. It measures 150 x 40 x 101.9 centimeters, so you will have a little more space.

NordicStory dresser dresser solid wood oak nordic scandinavian

NordicStory sideboard "Moritz 2".

It has in its central part a glass door, in which there are three small compartments to place what you want to display. Additionally, there are two wooden doors at each end to store what you need.

Display Cabinet

This cabinet is made of oak wood and you can choose between two tones. It allows you to store any type of objects, be it dishes, cups, glasses or whatever you wish. Since you can see through the glass, it makes it ideal for displaying things.

NordicStory solid wood display cabinet oak Scandinavian Nordic style

NordicStory display case "Moritz 1".

Additionally, it has another compartment with a sealed wooden door, so you can store those things you don't want anyone to see. It has a size of 60 x 40 x 198.9 centimeters, so it is a quite acceptable size.

Wall shelf

The wall shelf is a small floating shelf measuring 150 x 20 x 15 x 15 centimeters. It can be placed anywhere in the house and is ideal for books or photographs. It is made of solid oak wood and is very durable and sturdy.

NordicStory Scandinavian Nordic oak solid wood bookcase

NordicStory shelf "Moritz".


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