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How and where to place a shoe rack?

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on December 04 2022

NordicStory solid oak entrance hall furniture

The shoe rack is an indispensable and practical piece of furniture that can help us keep our home in order. In this piece of furniture we can keep our shoes and thus have them in one place. In addition, they can provide an excellent decorative touch wherever you put them at home.

A wooden shoe rack bench is really useful because it helps us to clear the space and to have a place to put our shoes when we take off our shoes, but it may be difficult to locate because we do not know which is the most appropriate place for this piece of furniture.

 Before you make the decision to buy a shoe rack, you should determine how and where to place it so that you can select the best one for your needs.

Where to place your shoe cabinet?

To select the best place for your wooden shoe rack you must first consider the characteristics of this piece of furniture and the requirements you have in terms of the benefits it can bring you.

In this sense, there are several places where you can place your wooden shoe cabinet:

In the foyer

The hallway is one of the best places where you can place your shoe rack furniture. First, because you can take your shoes off when you get home and put them away, so you won't dirty the rest of your home, keeping everything cleaner and tidier.

NordicStory oak solid wood shoe cabinet

Solid oak shoe cabinet and coat rack

Additionally, today's entryway shoe racks are designed to be multifunctional, so in addition to storing your pairs of shoes, they can serve other purposes, such as keeping your keys, or other items in the entryway.

In the room

If you have already thought about buy shoe rack online sure you have considered placing it in your room, since it is the first place that comes to mind.

It can be quite practical in this place because you can place it under a mirror or near your closet, and then you can get dressed quickly. Nowadays you can find oak furniture that combine very well with the other furniture you have in your bedroom, and achieve a nice style.

In the living room

Perhaps you would never have considered placing a shoe cabinet in the living room or dining room because you think it is not the most appropriate.

NordicStory oak solid wood shoe cabinet

Escandi shoe cabinet

However, there are many shoe cabinets that have very elegant designs on the outside, so no one needs to know that that nice piece of furniture you have in your living room has shoes stored inside.

In addition, it can be a perfect decorative complement, because you can put books, candles or any other element that gives it that perfect touch.

In the laundry room

You can opt for a solid wood shoe rack to store shoes that you are not going to use regularly because they are from another season, or even look for a multifunctional piece of furniture to serve an additional purpose where you place it.

As you will see, a shoe rack is a piece of furniture that can fulfill an additional decorative function, so you can safely place it wherever you want because it won't get in the way of your home style and it will also help you keep everything organized wherever you put it.

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