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How to clean a wooden chair without damaging it

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on October 28 2022

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Wooden furniture looks great and the best thing is that there is a wide variety of them, from tables, to stairs, beds, chairs and more. But, being a material for everyday use, it gets dirty and needs some care to keep it in good condition.

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In the case of wooden chairs, they are widely used in our house, whether they are swooden chairs for dining room, or for the salon, or for any other purpose. For this reason it is essential to know how to take care of wooden chairs to keep them longer and look like new.

Varnished wooden chairs

Because there are many varieties of chairs, it is important to give them the care they need depending on their characteristics. For example, if you have wood dining chairs varnished, it is a bit easier, since they are more durable and have additional protection.

However, as with any other type of chair, those that are varnished must be cleaned frequently, especially if they are made of a dark wood because the dust can be seen much more.

To clean this chair you should use a dry, lint-free cotton cloth to remove dust. Do this at least every two or three days. If you wish, you can wipe with a damp cloth once a week, but remember to wipe with a dry cloth afterwards to remove excess moisture.

Antique wooden chairs

If your wooden dining chairs they are old, and you want to keep them in good condition, you need to do a superficial cleaning to prevent them from being damaged.

You can clean them with a mixture of olive oil and vinegar in equal proportions, and use a soft cotton cloth wiping with circular movements. Then wipe with a soft, damp cloth to wipe away any residue and let dry for 30 minutes. To finish, you can pass a cloth with natural jojoba and bee wax to restore shine to the surface.

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Waxed wood chairs

This type of wood is very easy to clean, because you only need to use a soft cloth to remove the dust from time to time.

NordicStory Upholstered Diana Solid Oak Wood Chair

NordicStory Upholstered Diana Solid Oak Wood Chair

But, if the chair has gotten dirty or has a stain, you need to use turpentine to remove it and then use a woolen rag to make the wood shine again. Do not use any silicone products to clean these chairs because they can be damaged.

wooden chairs in the kitchen

It is possible that your dining room is very close to the kitchen, or that you have a kitchen with an island and therefore your chairs are exposed to other agents such as steam, grease and humidity. In this case, you should clean your wooden chairs daily with a mixture of vinegar and water in equal amounts.

Use a soft cloth or rag to clean them and let them air dry. Lastly, apply a little glycerin with a soft cloth until you see that the wood is shining. Remember not to rub and follow the direction of the grain.

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