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Round extendable table

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on Feb 10 2023

NordicStory mesa comedor redonda extensible de madera maciza de roble


Extendable tables are a great alternative when you don't have much space in the dining room. These types of tables are very functional and provide a large number of advantages.

There are several types of extendable tables, but without a doubt, the round ones are the most popular. Many people prefer round tables for various reasons, but if they are also extendable, then they become the perfect option to maximize the space where you place it.

En Oak.Store You can find a wide variety of round extendable tables, of all sizes, and designed with the best materials so that they adapt to the decoration of your home.

Why buy a round extendable table?

Round extendable tables are the ideal solution if you are one of those people who like to receive guests, but at the same time you do not want to have too large furniture that takes up a lot of space.

In this sense, an extendable table is a good investment, because you can place it in the dining room and invite your friends and family, and when you are not using it it will take up less space.

Among the advantages of this type of tables are the following:

  • They are versatile: the round extendable tables are characterized by their versatility and practicality. If there are not so many guests, it can be used without the extension, and likewise, if more space is required, then it can be extended to suit your needs.
  • They take up less space: these types of tables are perfect because they are easily located in both large and small spaces. Also, unlike square tables, its proportions mean that it leaves free space on the sides that can be used.
  • They are manageable: by taking up less space, they can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • They offer more harmony: round tables are characterized by having a beautiful visual appearance, and extending it achieves an oval design that is just as beautiful.

Round extendable tables by NordicStory

At Roble.Store you will find a wide variety of extending tables round, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

From small tables to the largest ones where you can receive many guests, made of solid oak wood for greater durability and resistance.

Among the best round extendable tables from NordicStory are the following:

  • Line Scandi: Escandi extendable tables are an excellent alternative for those who are looking for small round tables that adapt to any space. The Escandi 3 is ideal for smaller spaces, and with its Nordic style it can give a cozy touch to the place. But, if you have a slightly larger space, the Escandi 4 is the best model because it has larger dimensions.NordicStory round extendable solid oak dining table
  • MOBY: the MOBY round extendable table stands out for its design with crossed legs and its Nordic style. It easily integrates into any room as we have three sizes to choose from and it looks beautiful with some oak chairs that complement it. The best thing is its variety of colors, since it is in natural, bleached or dark oak.NordicStory round extendable solid oak dining table
  • Holger: this table is exceptional for its great width and its beautiful honey color. It has a 50 cm extension table and a cross-shaped central leg design.NordicStory round extendable solid oak dining table
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