Types of extensions and mechanisms for solid oak extending tables
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Types of extensions and mechanisms of extendable tables at Roble.Store

Natalia Kolomiets

Published on April 11 2020

NordicStory Extendable round dining table solid oak wood

The most important things to consider when choosing an extendable dining table are extendable dining table are the required dimensions.

Before you buy, carefully measure the room to calculate the size of the table you need, taking into account both the extended and non-extended lengths of the table. You should allow at least 90 cm of extra space on each side of the table for chairs and diners.

Types of extendable dining tables:

First things first, let's take a look at the type of table extensions that are available. They may differ slightly depending on the shape of the table, but these are the extension variants you will come across:

 Butterfly table extension

A butterfly table extension is a quick and easy way to seat more people around your dining table. The extension folds and swivels to fit inside the table, with the table concealing the extension when not in use. Easy-to-use clips hold the extension in place, making extendable tables such as Moby strong and supportive. Clean, quick and easy to use, with a butterfly extension you don't have to worry about storing extension leaves elsewhere either, as they fold neatly into the table top. See our dining tables Escandi 2, Escandi 3, France.

 extendable dining table in oak wood

 Central leaf extensions

Practical and flexible, a central leaf extension has the ability to double the amount of seating. The additional leaf is stored within easy reach under the table when not in use. So, if you need additional dining space, place a center leaf extension inside the folding table. See our dining table Escandi 1, Harold.

 extendable dining table in oak wood

 Msliding mechanism

 The clever design means that the table is seamless when you use it without extending it. The table legs are always at the corners of the table, even when the table is extended, so there is plenty of room for chairs under the table. One person can extend the table quickly and smoothly before guests arrive for a large party. The extra leaf can be stored within easy reach under the table. Our extendable dining table Marsi extendable dining table has this sliding function. See our dining tables XL, Sander, L2.

 extendable dining table in oak wood


 Turning - mechanism

An exemplary table is our Mini two. Simply rotate the table 180 degrees and unfold the second part of the table. It is the easiest and most convenient variant in terms of mechanics, but not so sophisticated in terms of design. Just choose what is best for you.

 extendable dining table in oak wood

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