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How to mix a Scandinavian decoration with an existing decoration

Natalia Kolomiets

Posted on April 14 2020

muebles de madera de estilo escandinavo

Modern Scandinavian design became popular in Europe and America in the 1950s, combining traditional Scandinavian style with the clean lines of modernism. The look is timeless and the feel it creates in a room is so Zen that it is no wonder that modern Scandinavian design is still popular today!

Read on to discover some of the best ways to bring the flavor of modern Scandinavian design into your home without having to replace everything you already have! 

 Create luminosity

One thing you'll often notice in modern Scandinavian design is the abundance of neutral tones. Light neutral shades like white, tan, and soft gray maximize natural light in a room. Dark neutral tones like black, brown, and charcoal should be saved for accent pieces to create visual contrast.

Paint your walls white if they aren't already. Get rid of heavy curtains that may be blocking natural light and leave windows bare or covered with light or semi-transparent curtains. Finally, expand your unnatural lighting with modern fixtures like balloon pendant lights.

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 Reduces clutter

The Scandinavian decor is minimalist and practical. If you have a lot of small accent pieces in the room that you want to make a little more Scandinavian, consider redistributing them to other rooms or scattering them so that no area looks too busy.

Ultimately, try to stay on top of your cleaning game. That doesn't mean you should vacuum the carpet and dust the shelving everyday! It simply means you should cut down on clutter like junk mail and magazine stacks.

Lack of clutter is perhaps one of the most relaxing aspects of modern Scandinavian design. Clutter has been shown to increase anxiety and irritability, and having a clutter-free space to relax can really boost your calm.

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Use natural materials

 If you are looking for some pieces of furniture scandinavian style, think naturally. Leather, wood and metal are suitable for a room with a modern Scandinavian influence!

For a living room, look for sofas and chairs with dark leather upholstery. For a dining room, look for a dining table made of light wood with clean, modern lines, like our dining table Scandi 1.

Natural textiles are also a great way to incorporate natural materials. Find area rugs made of wool or sheepskin or add thick wool blankets to your sleeping area. Chances are, you already have some items like these, now it's just time to show them off!

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Mix clean lines with organic shapes

Part of what makes modern Scandinavian design look so neat and tidy is the use of clean lines and sharp angles. Look for sofas, bullion tables, chairs o benches that give your room an almost geometric appearance.

That said, too many clean lines can take you outside of the Scandinavian area and into something more modern. industrial. Remember that Scandinavian design is strongly influenced by nature, and there are some organic shapes really In nature!

Don't be afraid to hold on to some of your furniture or decorations that have a rounded, irregular or irregular shape. Use them to add a little whimsy to your modern space!

 Be smart with color

If you hold on to your old design elements as you introduce the new ones, you'll have to think a lot about color. In the most modern Scandinavian design, you'll see pops of color like blue, green, and soft pink. Even those pops tend to have a minimalist vibe, mixing a single bright color with more neutral tones.

So what can you do with your favorite prints that are colorful and busy? Don't worry, you don't need to hide them. You just need to use them wisely.

Use your brightly colored pieces to create contrast. Build a gallery wall with some of your brightest prints and some neutral, minimalist prints. Find a cleaner look by framing your prints in single-tone black frames.

Remember that you are not looking for an exact Scandinavian look. It's perfectly fine if your favorite decor doesn't look like it came out of a modern art museum! Everything is in the way you design it.

 Go green with plants and flowers

Once you've maximized light, reduced clutter, and balanced your textures and colors, it's time to add some plants and flowers!

Do you have bowls or vases that you are incorporating into your modern Scandinavian design? Fill them with cut flowers!

Does your mantel look a bit bare after cutting down on clutter? Fix it by adding vegetable pieces to your pot!

plant life It's the only thing you can go crazy with in Scandinavian design. If you have difficulties adapting to the minimalist environment, this is the best solution for you.

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 Choose modern Scandinavian without sacrificing your favorite pieces

If you like the look modern scandinavian but you don't want to get rid of everything you already have, don't worry! There are many ways to incorporate this clean, minimalist look into your home without having to completely go through your belongings.

Now that you know the different elements of modern Scandinavian design, it's just a matter of choosing the ones that best suit your tastes and your home. If you are looking for new furniture with a Scandinavian touch, contact us so we can help you find the best pieces at the best price.


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