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Loft.Story is almost LoveStory of your great home

Dinara shangerey

Posted on Aug 27 2021

Loft.Story de Roble.Store


The lofts are very fashionable at the moment and the whole theme of home decoration shows how versatile and spacious they are. We present our solid oak wood tops and legs for tables and benches which set the trend on the list of essentials for your next purchase. 

The decoration in style loftstory in a place we call home comes with a wide variety of options, from apartments to townhouses and everything in between. 

LoftStory Solid Oak Wood Top


Traditionally, lofts are old industrial buildings converted into modern apartments. In the middle of the last century in New York, shortly after World War II, due to the closure of innumerable factories, due to the loss of jobs, it caused the abandonment of multiple facilities of this type.  

The old premises began to be transformed into new spaces equipped for homes, which in a short time were converted and began to have a new image of freedom and inspiration. 

They usually have high ceilings with exposed pipes, beams and brick walls, they are huge and have a lot of open space, even with the vertical stairs, with large windows and sliding doors instead of the usual ones.

The gigantic windows are an essential touch in this type of construction. The same light spreads throughout the interior, turning diaphanous into a beautiful way, making that large home even more welcoming and warm. 

The provenance, the image "cold" This type of installation was part of its preciousness, a fascinating effect of the growth of an authentic style and decoration, which was the result of the popularization of the industrial style  using natural materials of brick, metal, wood. 


LoftStory Solid Oak Wood Top


The furniture minimalism with industrial touches over time have also created other styles. It is currently the Loft modern of Nordic style, Scandinavian, to rustic. Our industrial solid oak wood panels with 2 options in finishing the table edges: classic (at right angles) and slab (less uniform, more authentic) with shaped steel legs XThe thickness of all table tops is 4 cm across the entire surface. The latter is not peculiar, but with a softer and more natural shape. The leg colors are black, red and real steel. 


Dining table and bench with trapeze legs


La industrial dining table with square legs metal are a luminous addition to the interior, which has a fundamental design, characterized by maximum practicality, functionality and an impressive appearance. 

El Loft bench solid oak wood en ffootprint create a traditional and industrial atmosphere wherever you place it. The natural and comfortable seat made of oak wood combines perfectly with its robust and elegant metal legs that constitute it. Combine it with any of our boards and create a radiant look for your living room!

Dining table with trapeze legs

La Dining table with trapeze legs It is a solid structure, characterized by its durability, it has good resistance to mechanical stress. 


Solid Oak Wood Dining Table with Diamond X Legs


The LoftSotry X-shaped dining table with rhombus it is perfect set of industrial, loft or Nordic style by Roble.Store.

Our robust, resistant and treated boards with the tung oil will shine in the moment along with the various solid wood oak dining chairs and benches matching placed around it. It is a luxury to spend a long time in these long dinners together with your loved ones and it is an advantage to have a wooden table in your dining room, or in the living room and this pleasant home feeling. 




Because they are divided into two floors, having an open space throughout the house, thus the loft style is characterized.

The walls do not exist between the rooms, the ceilings are high brick, the air freely passes and the light dazzles through the large windows, and if you combine with our furniture in the style Loft.Story  and you combine to the style Nordic Story  This wonderfully combined environment makes the feeling of space even greater and the room breathes.

Everything nice and comfortable for everyday life is so simple. You just have to let yourself go and count on your Oak.Store   Here we are, always!




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